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  1. I use bottled mineral water because I live in a very hard water area.
  2. Welcome. Which state are you from? Are you a fan of sports?
  3. Hello all, So I am quite new to making more of an effort than throwing some Nescafè Gold in a mug and throwing it down my neck before work. I understand and appreciate there are a lot of different types of coffee from roast to origins, all with their unique characteristics that people seek out and prefer. With that in mind, what coffee beans would you recommend picking up and trying? For what it's worth, I use a Chemex. Cheers!
  4. Breaking Bad. It's actually quite a slow burner at first, but it develops incredibly well and, in my opinion, is one of the best TV shows of all time in a lot of areas, especially character progression, cinematography, acting and screenwriting.
  5. Awesome, thanks. I'll give that a go later this evening!
  6. I read 65 grams was the recommended weight for one litre of water. It's certainly strong! I am using the 6-cup Chemex. As for water, 1 litre. When I pour I start in the centre and work my way out in spirals to saturate the grounds. If 65 grams is a very large amount then it may explain why the bloom was so large and why it felt so unmanageable, especially if I was using a grind that wasn't suitable. Anyway, after the bloom I continue starting from the centre and working my way out. This brew in particular I more than likely went a bit off-script though as I was fighting against the slurry being left on the edges. I tried to swirl a bit or use a spoon to create a bit of motion and help prevent bits sticking to the edges but it wasn't deep enough to do so and if I added enough water to be able to stir it then the coffee just climbed further up the filter and stayed there unless I washed it back down.
  7. Hello I am using this grinder. The grind setting I am using is visible in this picture(same grinder) and is the one centre-left which is, I believe, a picture of a Chemex.
  8. Hello, I am quite new to making coffee beyond instant and I've been having issues. Today I tried to make a litre with 65 grams of coffee in my Chemex. I used a gooseneck kettle in the hopes of getting better results but with the bloom I had such a large surface area that it felt impossible to stop the coffee creeping up the sides. Is it possible my grind is too fine? I am using the Chemex setting on my grinder, but maybe it needs to be a bit courser for that amount of coffee?
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    New to 'proper' coffee so I have joined up in search of knowledge
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