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  1. Hi hotmetal, Thanks for the advice. It's good to know that an espresso grinder won't be suitable. It's also very good to know how quickly the aergrind can grind, that's something I've been wondering as my Hario Skerton is painfully slow and I don't wish to go back to 3 mins of grinding for a single cup of coffee!
  2. I hear good things about Peugeot mills, although never tried them. I have a set of T&E crushgrind mills that I love, they grind just as well as when I first bought them 3 years ago. https://www.tg-woodware.com/mills/mills-range/crushgrind-mills I bought my parents a set of the crushgrind mills and they love them too. My sister got a set of the classic mills which are aesthetically more pleasing although I thought the mechanism seemed somewhat inferior (regardless, they still have a lifetime guarantee)
  3. Whilst I haven't got any high-end knives I do like to keep my razor sharp. I have good success with DMT or Eze-lap diamond stones (which I bought for sharpening woodworking tools) followed by a ceramic stone ~10,000 grit then 40 passes on a chromium oxide charged leather strop. Paul Sellers, the source of most of my woodworking knowledge, has an interesting video demonstrating how he sharpens things classic cream handled knives which may be of interest to some
  4. Is this the website you're talking about https://thecoffeehopper.com/shop/#global-body-tag%22 It seems fantastically good value £7/250g I'll have to try some of this next time I need some tea (although I've got shelves full of various different teas at the moment that I need to make some headway with:whistle:)
  5. I like my For Life stump teaport. A friend also bought me a rather interesting tea pot thing like this https://birdandblendtea.com/uk_en/tea/search/earl-grey-collection/earl-grey-creme.html?___store=uk_en it's pretty decent if you're only after a single small cup. You press the button on the top to release the tea once brewed to prevent any further brewing.
  6. willprice

    Earl grey

    I'm rather partial to Whittard's Earl Grey. I've not tried, it but I'm a big fan of Bird and Blend's teas, they have an Earl Grey (Earl Grey Creme) although they put some vanilla in.
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    Thanks Hasi, you make a good point. In other blunders I've managed to knock a full V60 all over my desk at work too... it seems most of my coffee mishaps occur at work.
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    A few times I've tried to do an aeropress without a filter paper and managed to shoot grounds and water all over myself and the kitchen at work.
  9. Hi all, I'm looking at getting a new grinder for V60 and aeropress. I've got my eye on the Wilfa grinder, but had a quick look on ebay and see there are quite a number of second commercial grade grinders (they seem to be primarily espresso). Would I be better off with the former or splurging on the latter? One of the motivations for going with the second hand commercial grinder is the longevity of the machine. Budget-wise I'm looking at £100-200 Cheers
  10. Hello everyone, My Bodum Bistro Burr grinder has packed up, so I thought maybe now's the time to upgrade to something a bit more upmarket ( Look forward to learning from you lot
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