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  1. The Rob Hoos book also interesting. https://hoos.coffee/my-book/ and for a really long read....https://www.roastmagazine.com/bookofroast/ R
  2. Here is my set up in progress, I am likely to use these guys for some professional vent exits in my set up https://www.jacob-uk.com/JACOB_Online_Catalogue_2017.pdf On installation does anyone bother to seal the joints from roaster to cyclone? I am putting cyclone on LHS of roaster, and will exit out of wall behind and route up with a rain cap; and you may recognise the bench of Swedish origin..... I am off on a trip to Vienna tomorrow [might follow some leads here https://europeancoffeetrip.com/coffee-day-in-vienna/ ] any good coffee spot recommendations welcomed 🙂 Does anyone know why the K-type probe for Artisan is positioned where it is? Rich
  3. What do the beans look like, and taste like! Mine delivered on Friday, got a hand to take the box into my roasting lab (wooden cabin...) and have it now on a table with a one man self lift - just to impatient to wait for second pair of hands! actually not THAT heavy. Will send install pictures, and I will be working on Artisan instrumentation next with Phidgets. Rich
  4. Thanks for this - I will advise on my progress. I assume this means that I am adding additional new probes solely for the purpose of recording into Artisan. ("You will need special temp probes to keep internal controllers and their safety mechanisms intact.") I sent a PM to you, but it would have been better placed here - does anyone measure the drum negative pressure to help understand the effect of the damper settings on airflow in the roasting drum?
  5. and another year later!! I am going to install Artisan on my new Dailan - any experience that can be shared? Thanks, Rich
  6. Hello everyone, I visited BB yesterday and did a trial roast on the Dalia, which I am looking to purchase. I am based in West Sussex, and would also be interested in a course from Dave C. I would like to add Artisan to monitor the roast (not to manage it) and any experience on achieving this from members would be great. Rich
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