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  1. Great @Nicknak ! Sounds like a deal. Feel free to DM your address and I will give you payment details.
  2. Sorry about the delay @joey24dirt, have been under the weather. I would accept £12 posted. Are you still interested?
  3. @joey24dirt Could you DM me your post code so I can verify if this makes sense? Thanks!
  4. Purchased in error, unable to return. Originally purchased May 2019 from TheEspressoShop.co.uk. Very good condition. This is the exact item: https://www.theespressoshop.co.uk/en/Faema-Bottomless-Portafilter-with-21gm-Filter-Basket/m-3734.aspx Has slight abrasion at the beginning of the neck, as seen in the second photo, and also a slight abrasion/bend as seen in the third photo at the 1 o' clock mark. Asking £10 OBO, pick up from Hackney/Central London, or add the cost of shipping to the price. From the website: "Faema Bottomless (Naked) Portafilter supplied with 21gm Filter Basket, wings 7.2mm. Also suitable for Brugnetti-Aurora, Casadio and ECM machines"
  5. Help! I just picked up a 2013 ECM Barista a week ago and upon descaling a bit of water splashed over the machine and dripped down over the boiler. I disassembled quickly and padded it dry as best I could, but now the machine keeps tripping the circuit breakers when the boiler starts to heat up. I'm frantically trying to figure out a remedy because the descale solution is still inside the boiler and I know it shouldn't be in there for more than 30 minutes... Anyone know how I should proceed in this situation? I'm trying to figure out a way to get the descale solution out of the boiler and I'll eventually take it to be serviced if this keeps up...
  6. I am interested but I started doing some more research on new machines and how much it would take to get to Chippenham by car (I don't own one) and the total cost ends up being just too close. For example, the recent Expobar DB that was re-upped looks more like what I'm after from a budget perspective. Sorry for the uncertainty!
  7. Thanks for the deliberation, but I’ll have to pull my offers/interest. £1k is quite close to a new DB machine, so I’ll await something similar at a lower asking price. If you list on eBay, will you list as an auction or buy-it-now?
  8. Thanks for clarifying @lookseehear , I believe I was first in expressing interest on the forum, and I would be willing to offer £925 for all that you’ve listed.
  9. Might be interested, can you clarify which extra items you’d include at which total price assuming I’m only interested in the duetto? Not sure which of them you’d prefer to try to accompany the grinder in a sale.
  10. Hi aled, I'm interested but am not familiar with the mods you've listed. Can you explain them briefly? Thanks! Matteo
  11. Just received the grinder today and it looks fabulous! I've given it a quick whirr and it runs smoothly and quietly! Will be trying it with beans over the coming weeks once I procure a machine. Thanks @Floss !
  12. Looking at Double Boilers with a bit more interest now... My overall budget has shifted, probably ~£600 for a well-kept HX and ~£800 for a good double boiler. Slight preference for Italian-made, as previously specified, but open to other manufacturers! If anyone has seen any, feel free to shout!
  13. Any Minima Beta testers interested in selling theirs in the UK? Is there a separate thread for that?
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