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  1. Help! I just picked up a 2013 ECM Barista a week ago and upon descaling a bit of water splashed over the machine and dripped down over the boiler. I disassembled quickly and padded it dry as best I could, but now the machine keeps tripping the circuit breakers when the boiler starts to heat up. I'm frantically trying to figure out a remedy because the descale solution is still inside the boiler and I know it shouldn't be in there for more than 30 minutes... Anyone know how I should proceed in this situation? I'm trying to figure out a way to get the descale solution out of the boiler and I'll eventually take it to be serviced if this keeps up...
  2. I am interested but I started doing some more research on new machines and how much it would take to get to Chippenham by car (I don't own one) and the total cost ends up being just too close. For example, the recent Expobar DB that was re-upped looks more like what I'm after from a budget perspective. Sorry for the uncertainty!
  3. Thanks for the deliberation, but I’ll have to pull my offers/interest. £1k is quite close to a new DB machine, so I’ll await something similar at a lower asking price. If you list on eBay, will you list as an auction or buy-it-now?
  4. Thanks for clarifying @lookseehear , I believe I was first in expressing interest on the forum, and I would be willing to offer £925 for all that you’ve listed.
  5. Might be interested, can you clarify which extra items you’d include at which total price assuming I’m only interested in the duetto? Not sure which of them you’d prefer to try to accompany the grinder in a sale.
  6. Hi aled, I'm interested but am not familiar with the mods you've listed. Can you explain them briefly? Thanks! Matteo
  7. Just received the grinder today and it looks fabulous! I've given it a quick whirr and it runs smoothly and quietly! Will be trying it with beans over the coming weeks once I procure a machine. Thanks @Floss !
  8. Looking at Double Boilers with a bit more interest now... My overall budget has shifted, probably ~£600 for a well-kept HX and ~£800 for a good double boiler. Slight preference for Italian-made, as previously specified, but open to other manufacturers! If anyone has seen any, feel free to shout!
  9. Any Minima Beta testers interested in selling theirs in the UK? Is there a separate thread for that?
  10. Hi El Carajillo! I do not have a machine yet... at least in the UK. I'm coming from having a Mini Vivaldi (DB) in the US, so this would actually be a downgrade. I have been trying to pick up a used HX or DB, not more than a few years old and kept up well. There is a slightly different array of machines available in the UK/EU market so I'm trying to familiarize myself. I think the holy grail would be an ACS Minima... But I'm aware they are so new that used machines or used beta machines will be tough to come by. I think as far as usage goes I'd probably most often make an espresso for myself in the morning most days of the week, and then two milk-based drinks perhaps 2-3 days of the week (for myself and my partner). To me that rules out single boiler machines, and I'm wary of HX machines that are older (the Andreja I'm looking at is probably 2010) due to heat up times. I think the predominance of Andreja Premium buzz/reviews has got me wondering if a regular, older Andreja is just not worth the investment. I think the only thing intriguing is that it seems like it has been taken care of quite well.
  11. I'm eyeing a Quickmill Andreja, which seems to be the non-Premium model, and I'm wondering if it even makes sense to invest in a machine that seems to be completely usurped by the Andreja Premium/Verona models from a new technology perspective. Are the non-Premium Andreja models even worth it these days?
  12. I can’t seem to PM you, your message storage limit has been reached. Would you accept £250?
  13. Hi I’m interested! Should I PM you?
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