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  1. @DDoe my wife got me them about 7 years ago when we moved back up north from London. They have been kept locked up and only brought out on special occasions , as I also very much like them. Figured I'd put them proudly on display with my new beauty! Think they are https://www.amazon.co.uk/Bliss-Home-Harry-Underground-Espresso/dp/B00FPW4NJW but sadly don't seem to be available. Wife thinks she got them in Fortnum & Mason
  2. I'm really enjoying it, I have to admit! 😀
  3. Thanks - sold in a very smooth transaction to @brewslew. Hope the Piccino gives you both as good service as its given me. Mods - please mark as sold. Thank you
  4. Hi - just about ten minutes from the airport roughly. Let me know if you're interested
  5. Hi all, Further to my Bianca upgrade post, putting my faithful Piccino up for sale. She'd make a good first dual boiler machine for someone I reckon. Bought on 28/03/2012, she's not quite hit the 8 mark. Mechanically, there are no issues although the steam wand nossle could do with a new bit of ptfe tape and the steam wand itself can leak a little when cooling. I recently replaced the group gasket with a new cafelat silicone one and a new shower screen. Perhaps pulled three shots with the new ones. I had the machine fully serviced by Esspressotechno a few years back and had the power switch replaced, as the LED had stopped working. It's a fracino part but it looks slightly different cosmetically. Irritating but not a functional issue. Otherwise, it's in cosmetically decent shape although has some marks and light scratches you'd expect from a machine that's been well loved! Very soft Scottish water only throughout her life. Used mostly at weekends to pull 3 or 4 shots each day and the odd use during the week (sadly I'm back from the office too late most of the time!). Backflushed with liquid quartz once a month and fresh water between times. Will supply with a bottomless portafilter, the original two-spout fracino handle, a 15g VST, a couple of other baskets including a 20g, 18g (I think) and a single basket and I'm sure I have a tamper kicking around - if I can find it, that too (although no guarantees). Collection on from just outside Glasgow (as I have no idea how I would ship it) Hoping for £170, but happy to consider offers. Any questions, just ask. Cheers
  6. I agree, Dave. I've been pleasantly surprised by how quiet it is.
  7. So I look back with some amusement at the post I made here almost exactly eight years ago. I had realised I enjoyed coffee, and wanted to upgrade my Dualit Espressivo (?) to something a little better. However, I was determined to have whatever upgrade I got work with ESE pods. Many of you kind folks tried to persuade me not to go near the pods and a comment that must have stuck was along the lines of "do something else well, rather than espresso badly". As a result of taking that great (or outrageously expensive, depending on your point of view - certainly my wife's...!) advice, I purchased a Fracino Piccino and a Mhalkonig Vario. This was considerably more expensive than the Gaggia Classic I'd intended to by with an ESE adaptor! However, it was definitely the right thing to do and I really enjoyed that combo. A few year later, I upgraded the Vario to a Eureka Zenith 65E and over Christmas this year, decided it was time for an upgrade on the Piccino. I've spent weeks now sweating about what I would get and settled first on a Sage DB. Aesthetically nice, probably with high 'WAF' and around the £1000 mark, which was my self imposed, absolute top end budget (I mean, a grand for a coffee machine - madness. Pure madness...). I was almost ready to pull the trigger, but those concerns over compromises were really starting to nag again. Surely if I'm spending that sort of cash, although I like the look of the Sage, it's not as sexy as some more traditional looking machines (in my humble opinion, anyway) . Also, I should be experiencing an E61 on a heat exchanger at least, right? Yeah, that's what I'll do then. So did some investigating of that and came across Lelit and thought the Mara looked lovely. That's a good compromise - E61, nice looking machine (particularly the deluxe wood version) and solid build that will do me another 8 years at least. But... I'm used to a dual boiler. What if I'm disappointed with the HX or can't get along with the flushing?. I know the MaraX is on its way but even still. Okay, push it a little more. The ACS Minima looks really nice. Lovely looking machine, E61, dual boiler, solid, good reviews from @DavecUK. I'll pick one of those up. That will definitely scratch the itch, once and for all. Anyway... here I am this evening in love with this beautiful Bianca that found a home on my kitchen worktop this afternoon after the lovely people at @bellabarista sent it express via FedEx. I feel as excited and pleased with myself as my kids appeared to after the jolly fellow in red put in an appearance a few weeks back. She is truly a stunner and I have to say, I managed to pull the best shot of espresso I have ever pulled on the first go, so that bodes well! Fantastic machine, I'm absolutely over the moon (although my wallet has taken a beating!). Thanks for the addiction coffeeforums.co.uk! ? P.S. good home to be found for my well loved Piccino, perhaps for someone just starting on their journey - she looks a bit forlorn tonight. Feel more than a little guilty!
  8. Particularly like this one. Superb!!
  9. On the offchance*it's of any use to anyone, I've been struggling for weeks with getting decent microfoam on my Piccino. It was fine (at least to my limited abilities) for as long as I can remember, but around October, I started to produce something not dissimilar to what my three year old produces if given a straw, glass of milk and impunity to make as much mess as he likes! Anyway, several months of useless tweaks to my technique, I assumed I had simply lost what little ability I ever possessed. The machine has also recently been serviced, so I didn't think there would be a problem there. However, during the quarterly "full teardown" clean (as opposed to my weekly and monthly routines of backflushing and general polishing), I loosened the steam tip nozzle - although not by much as it was already pretty loose. Putting back on, it was tightened properly and problem solved - I'm now back to my standard, mediocre performance! If only I'd thought to see whether or not the steam tip was tightened properly in the first place!This probably belongs in the "daft things you've done thread"!
  10. Thanks Michael - funds sent. A
  11. Hi Michael - I'll take them for £90 plus postage if still available?
  12. Ah! That'll explain it. Looked boarded up. Glad to hear ☺
  13. Decided to drop by today, but it seems to have shut down ?
  14. ooh! no, not at all - nice! have read the other thread and happy to help out with measurements etc if it helps. will add over the weekend.
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