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  1. I'm taking a keen interest in all replies to this as I am also wanting to upgrade but not sure which way to go yet. Thanks to anyone who will assist us green beans.
  2. Latte made in my Delonghi all in one machine. Coffee Masters Super Crema Espresso Beans. (Best one I've used to date but would welcome suggestions please) RO filtered water. Semi skimmed filtered milk. mmmmmmm !
  3. I'm a new member of the forum. Information here noted ! Thanks.
  4. Try Vyair UK or others on the web for a Reverse Osmosis membrane and prefilters. Superb containment free water.
  5. So decided at last to join you all in this forum. I have owned a Delonghi machine for about 9 months now and although it make very good coffee I want to make the next step and look for another one to make really great coffee. My husband and I both love our own coffee drinks and as we are both at home now instead of work I think we have time to enjoy great coffee even more.
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