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  1. Any suggestions for a reliable electric moka? Are the bialettis the standard go-to?
  2. I believe you're referring to the ECM Puristika. Don't think that's materialised as yet. I've got an ECM Classika with the flow profiling kit myself, got nothing but lovely things to say about it.
  3. Yes, heard from them directly over pm.
  4. UK orders just confirmed to be unaffected.
  5. All makes sense. Not trying to salvage some extreme grind, purely interested in whether small shifts one way or another can be compensated for by flow rate.
  6. Apologies, should have specified input flow rate at the group by varying via a flow control valve (a la Lelit/ECM kit). Surely more water through a puck of a given grind size and during a given amount of time would lead to greater extraction, the same way a finer grind facilitates higher extractions (before cut-off)? Or have I got it totally wrong?
  7. This is something that's been on my mind a lot lately... Ignoring ramp ups and downs, to what degree could a slow flow rate mimic a finer grind and vice-vera, or the opposite (faster flow rate mimicking coarser grind)? Theoretically, would a fine grind and high flow rate taste similar to a coarser grind but lower flow rate?
  8. I am genuinely surprised at how few posts I see around the forum (or have I just missed them?) on the benefits of flow control in general (independent of pressure control). I've had the ECM flow control kit on my Classika PID for the past week or so and it's been nothing but a game changer. My ristrettos (1:1, Mediterranean Mocha from Compass) used to be pretty decent but variable on my modded and PID'ed Gaggia Classic (intensely sweet and praline-forward shots were fairly sporadic). Upgraded to the stock Classika, and as expected, no significant difference. Bought the flow control kit,
  9. I dose the same and get on fantastically with the 12/18 basket. You might end up with slightly soupy pucks (dependent on roast level too) but nothing wrong with that.
  10. Just wanted to add my experience (and solution) in case anyone else comes up against the same problem and readjusting the grub screw isn't enough. Popped on the kit and had the same issue - fully closed wouldn't shut flow off. Loosened the grub screw and raised the knob to make sure I hadn't 'bottomed out' against the mushroom before my zero point - I hadn't. Turns out the screw towards the real zero point can be really stiff/tight out of the box. So if you've got the same problem, set the valve at your 'leaky zero point' and then give it a really good strong twist anticlockwise. Just make sur
  11. islandlad

    Black Friday

    Rinaldo's seem to have some deals on machines, gear, and coffee. https://rinscoffee.com/pages/incredible-black-friday-savings?_pos=3&_sid=58aceda47&_ss=r
  12. islandlad

    Black Friday

    https://www.blaknektar.coffee/products/felicita-arc-scale?_pos=1&_sid=7c707e167&_ss=r Coincidentally just picked up a set this morning. Doubt you'll find them for much lower.
  13. Only place I found them is an Italian supplier https://www.espressocoffeeshop.com/filter
  14. In need of a new IMS basket and was wondering whether anyone's got any experience with their convex baskets (or any other manufacturer's convex basket for that matter). IMS claim the convex bottom favours naked pours, though this reeks of marketing spiel. Anyone singing their praises?
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