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  1. Only place I found them is an Italian supplier https://www.espressocoffeeshop.com/filter
  2. In need of a new IMS basket and was wondering whether anyone's got any experience with their convex baskets (or any other manufacturer's convex basket for that matter). IMS claim the convex bottom favours naked pours, though this reeks of marketing spiel. Anyone singing their praises?
  3. No problem. Though I suspect any eventual sale would have to go through the For Sale section and not PM. Mods feel free to advise.
  4. I am yes, though it won't be for another month-ish.
  5. I really don't get the morality-check/questioning in this post. Granted, £14.50 for a kilo is already an insane deal. However, the (very kind) 10% discount doesn't seem to be attached to any T&Cs in the original post other than the 5 post threshold. As such, until further T&Cs are introduced, forum members should be free to use the code for whatever they please without any discouragement. At any rate, OP would have found out that Mystery Mark is not eligible for a discount, without any 'put-down', as the Coffee Compass site blocks discounts on Mystery Mark.
  6. Never came across an IMS SS version, probably a lack of looking 🤷‍♂️. No particular reason for going with the SS, I'm just a big believer in the longevity of SS (lots of experience throughout the kitchen). I'm sure brass will also hold up well. As to the low risk of galvanic corrosion, time will tell I guess.
  7. What coffee beans are you using?
  8. As a drinker of nothing but ristrettos myself, you're not going to be getting a ton of complexity out of short ratios. Especially darker roasts. Typically intensity bombs, excellently thick mouthfeel, but pretty mono note. Maybe lighter roasts if you aren't averse to brightness?
  9. Alloy will pit and degrade over time Stainless steel and brass replacements are easier to keep clean Stainless steel will retain its original appearance while brass may discolour over time (of no consequence other than cosmetic) Replacement brass or stainless steel holders usually feature holes of smaller diameter vs original alloy part which might give you 'water jetting' issues Brass holder in contact with brass group head body poses zero risk of galvanic corrosion, while stainless steel in contact with brass group head body might. As long as it's 316L SS, shouldn't b
  10. There's a 10+ post requirement for the code (see title). Not hard to rack them up through the introduction section etc.
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