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  1. Nice one dude received it like 2 days later. For anyone else interested in men sending this out to them as I'm not exactly a massive forum user I will leave an email address that you can reach me on and I will log back in to the forum and come straight back to this thread [email protected] Again send an email to that address and I will be straight back hear within a few hours As I have used this forum alot and gained alot of useful info I do not want to just disappear with a useful tool I only come on hear now and again
  2. Yes much better thermal stability also it better disperses the water to the screen. Also you can end up with some sort of corrosion on the OEM aluminum screen holder. As for ease of install it is 1 screw holding the shower screen to the shower screen holder. Then 2 bolts holding the screen holder to the machine all of about 5mins to change.
  3. Hay is this still available. I was on of the original people that had this a long time ago. Would really appreciate getting my hands back on it for a slight adjustment my address is really appreciate if this get it's way back hear thanks
  4. Hi I have a triple basket I would be willing to sell off for not much if your interested I will have a check if it's vts and ridgeless if not I do have a double ridgless vts can also send pics
  5. I can't believe how bad the app is at the mo seems likes there is a whole mess of problems at the mo
  6. Is anyone else having any problems with the tapatalk app not loading anything up from this forum. It loads stuff off other forums just not this one Any help / advice would be greatly appreciated Also sorry if this is in the wrong place not sure where else to put it
  7. Damn if only this was 58.4 or so I would snap this up I'm dieing to get my hands on a big step really. Nice chess board handle man
  8. Sam_d

    Filter to strong

    What about blending de-caffinated coffee in with your regular coffee beens before grinding??
  9. Your Abit to far away from me I didn't realize quite how far you were. Also I would of only been able to make an offer of around 240-250
  10. That is one nice grinder. I will definitely keep my eye on this to see if you eventually reduce the price as it a bit out my budget atm [emoji20] Otherwise good look mate
  11. What would you say is the smallest does an 18g basket is capable of?
  12. So you would say try a 10g shot in my 18g basket I suppose I never thought of trying that, if it does turn out pretty crap like you say it can just be a sink shot Thanks for the link I will have a watch And thanks for your input it has been very helpful especially that video (I hope anyway)
  13. So you can get a single basket that a 58mm tamp will work with? Or would it be best to buy a small 12g double and just under dose to around 10g to avoid the tapered bottom of a single basket? Or would this cause a problem. As you can guess kinda new'ish to espresso but totally uneducated in single shot baskets lol Also I would of thought that would of led to over extraction seeing as the water is passing through the puck quite a bit slower if there's say 10g of coffee instead of 18g both extracting for 30 seconds. Or would it work more like less water but more time in contact with the coffee in the 10g situation, and more water less time in contact with the coffee so it basically comes out the same?? If you understand what I am getting at lol Also good idea on the plastic tamp being a table in a doll's House I wander how much it would be worth on eBay advertised as a doll's table many times more then a plastic tamp haha
  14. I do have the double sided plastic tamp that comes with the gaggia classic one side is smaller for the single basket I know it's not the best but do you think this would do. As I'm not overly keen on buying another tamp I already have 4 58mm and that plastic double ender lol
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