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  1. @WardyP yeh I might be interested in that to help with a few bits I need witch I'm struggling to find for my cherub aswell pal. Let us know what price you would be wanting
  2. I use jursey milk tastes good and steams well
  3. Excellent thanks very much for that and I will use them till they eventually break lol
  4. Yeh I must admit these paper shimms are amazing incase your group and/or the tabs on the portafilter are worn and your portafilter is clocking in past the 6pm positions. It has saved me having to go and buy a half mm thicker gasket
  5. I've just bought this set of scales and I noticed 2 screws when I was putting the battery's in. Not a clue what there for so I thought I would ask the forum if anyone knows pics to follow Thanks
  6. Just aslibg as you get a group gasket that I'm guessing as for a 58mm group and probably 8mm thick, other then that it doesn't really matter where you buy it from. But if your replacing the group gasket I would say get a silicon gasket rather then a rubber one, there softer, more plyable and they don't take as much force to lock in your portafilter. As for the drop in pressure I can't comment there should be someone on hear that can guide you in the right direction
  7. I was looking at buying one a little while ago and they were sold out of UK plug so this is what I was planning on doing. Buying a US plugged unit along with ether a 240 to 110v transformer of a VFD. Just out of curiosity how come people see the US plugged units as 'doggy'??
  8. It looks like what I imagine the auto fill probe would look like lol
  9. @DavecUK thanks for this reply I didn't realise making adjustments could break that this is useful to know as I have make adjustments to my stat so I guess I need to just keep an eye out for this. I will replace it with a stock stat then I was hoping to try and reduce the big swing in the dead band. Also would you suggest getting the re-build kit to replace the diaphragm etc. Or just replace the stat?
  10. Just a quick question. How come you say you would need to change the Ulka Pump if you were to put the dimmer switch online to control the output of the pump? I've not heard of this and am looking to do the dimmer mod to my machine with uses a pump like Ulka or it may be having a Ulka pump depending on how my ebay claim for a burnt out pump goes. If what your saying is right then maybe I should be looking at a different pump, and how come the Ulka Pump is no good for the dimmer mod??
  11. I'm glad to hear it all worked out mate 😁👍
  12. I've been looking around for adjustable dead band pstats and have seen this https://www.espressocare.com/products/item/pressurestat-ceme-with-adjustable-dead-band I have a sarai on my cherub and I'm struggling to see if this would work as the pstat on my machine has 2 wires to the top of the contacts and 2 wires to the bottom. I'm not well verced in electronics. So I was hoping someone on hear that knows a thing or 2 about electronics could chime in and ad let me know if this aftermarket pstat could work or would I need to find one that has pretty much the same wiring configuration as the
  13. Really?? I was told if your running a machine with a pstat it's not worth putting a pid on. Is there any poss you could put a few pics up so I can get an idea of it as I may look into this aswell for my cherub. Would most appreciate it thanks
  14. Fair enough lol just a thought that was all I obviously do not know people enough on this forum so far
  15. It would give an idea as to why your scales are give crazy readings like that. Tho only set of scales I had that acted the same was a stupid cheap set of 0.1g resolution hence why I asked what scales your using. If you have spend some money on some scales that are not cheap then you may have a faulty set or something
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