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  1. Sounds good to me. I’ll PM you my details for payment. Thanks
  2. Ah perfect. If it’s cool I’ll pay you for the Classic now then notify me once you get your replacement grinder and I’ll then pay for the mignon? Sound ok?
  3. All looks good. just to confirm, does this come with a portafilter?
  4. Thanks for the pics. Ill take the classic off of your hands and I’ll wait for the grinder if we can work out a reasonable price and everything is in good condition? I can get away with preground for now if I use the pressurised baskets, or I’m happy to wait for both if that makes life easier? Cheers
  5. Thanks. If if you could get some pics across then we can work out the logistics once you get a reply from BB
  6. Ah I see. I’m keen to take both the classic and the mignon off you if you’re willing to strike up a deal? providing the classic is the pre 2015 solenoid version? Have you got any pictures of both items please? Have you also got a date you have in mind when they will be available?
  7. Is the grinder a manuale or a silenzio? I can’t get a clear indication of what a mk2 is from the Bella barista website. cheers
  8. Lewbur

    Mazzer Mini E - £225

    I’m in Southend, Essex so not exactly round the corner
  9. Lewbur

    Mazzer Mini E - £225

    Thanks. Sadly that’s a bit of a trek for me
  10. Lewbur

    Mazzer Mini E - £225

    Hi, where abouts in London are you please?
  11. Hi, does this come with both pressurised and the non pressurised baskets?
  12. I’ll give that a go too.. thanks for the advice
  13. Yeah the black isn’t my thing and I thought it may of been painted. I’ll more than likely stick an add out on the wanted page over the weekend and hopefully I’ll get some options. I just want something that’s been cared for and not a dying heap of metal
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