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  1. buderim

    NS Mythos burrs

    Hi, I have a new set of Burrs that have never been used , if you are interested send me a pm.
  2. Hi Dave , I saw on your blog review you use a wifi switch to turn the machine on and off , I have always wondered how many kw it uses having a small espresso machine on all day , does your wifi app give you daily totals ? Thanks.
  3. As the NS Mythos is a commercial machine are you supposed to leave it on all day or is it best to just switch it on/off when you use it ?
  4. I thought I would update my progress . I bought the plastic clump crusher and cleaned the burrs and the grinding chamber and the shots are now how they should be . So I think there may have been a clog in the grinding chamber that was stopping the coffee exiting and it was getting ground to finely .
  5. If you dont have any joy here there is a Australian forum called coffesnobs . Sage are sold as Breville in Australia and are very popular , you may get some answers there .
  6. I am not a expert on grinders ( or anything else ) But I would recommend a doserless grinder with a adjustable timer , I find it makes it so much easier to get consistent shots .
  7. buderim

    Gas BBQ

    I have a weber Q , using gas makes it so much more usable , you can start cooking in 10 mins no matter what the weather .
  8. 1. Coffeechap 2. Stuartb27 3. Drewster 4. brabzzz 5. Nicknak 6. Inspector 7. Kitkat 8. Mrboots2u 9. Matt B 10. GeoffTucks 11. Robti 12. mcrmfc 13. jlarkin 14. Steveholt 15. Rob1 16. onthelathe 17. Soll 18. HBLP 19. Russ 20. urbanbumpkin 21. Simon_S 22. dfk41 23. Jollybean 24. Gerry M 25. Junglebert 26. DB8000 27. JJ-X-Ray 28. Johnealey 29. L&R 30. ashcroc 31. Salty 32. Teaboy 33. itn 34. Stevebee 35. christos_geo 36. DanB 37. Teejay 38. Matharon 39. Snakehips 40. Sanadsaad 41. Rodduz 42. Rob177palmer 43. Catpuccino 44. MrOrk 45. Buderim
  9. The LEDs look good , where did you take the power from ?
  10. I didnt taste the shots , it looked like as if I had used stale pre-ground supermarket coffee just a watery mess . The burrs felt quite sharp they are the steel ones and have Eureka stamped on the side . The coffee was flying everywhere rather than in the portafilter . I have been reading another thread and I am thinking there may have been a blockage which was stopping the coffee exiting the burrs properly , I have ordered a clump buster and I will give the grinding chamber a good clean and try again , I also have a 2nd Em7000 so I will try using that as well .
  11. I think I may have the same problem , I have a Sunbeam EM7000 and a Breville smart grinder . I have recently been using a Quality Espresso Q10 which was a great improvement over the smart grinder I had planned on keeping the Q10 but I got offered a price that I couldnt refuse so I ended up selling it. Last week I came across a NS Mythos plus at a very good price from a cafe that had closed down it was supposed to have had a service and new burrs a few months ago. But I am having problems pulling a decent shot , I was thinking the burrs where never changed and are worn out , but maybe it is a problem with the Coffee machine . But as the Q10 made great shots and the Mythos doesn't so I am a bit confused..
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