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  1. I wholeheartedly agree with this statement, much like anyone who works in any form of intensive farming.
  2. That's fair enough, as I've said I take this onboard and won't promote on this forum. I would still like to remain a member as I love coffee! I suppose the same could be said about organic or free range eggs in fairness. I was just hoping to offer an ethical alternative to what some people offer. As I said, I am a vegetarian and animal welfare is extremely important to me.
  3. No problem, thanks for the feedback.
  4. Ah I see. I understand that there are some sellers who exploit animals in cages but, this is why I went to the farm and was shown by the plantation owner how he gathered the digested berries from the ground. I'm actually a vegetarian as it happens and animal welfare is obviously very high on my list when it comes to ethics in general. This is why I went on the trip to ensure that what I was getting wasn't a result of exploiting animals. The guy who owns the plantation apparently only exports a very small amount of civet coffee as there simply isn't enough lying around to sell in large quantities. Note taken though, and thanks for letting me know. Have a lovely evening.
  5. Thanks for your reply. Do you mean the wrong place to sell coffee in general or just wild civet coffee in general? Apologies in advance for my ignorance.
  6. Good evening all, I found this forum via a search engine and it appears very interesting so keep up the good work, people! Basically, I have decided to begin importing wild civet coffee and I have some for sale which is listed on EBay. I am more than willing to discuss this in detail as it's one of my favourite topics. Finding the right farm after a long road trip through Sumatra was an excellent adventure and I was able to witness the collection, processing and roasting of the coffee first hand. Anyway, is this forum an appropriate place to advertise such coffee? Would I be allowed to post link to the EBay auction? I am able to sell small or large quantities. (By large I mean I bought 4 kg as that was all that was available) Anyway, fire away if you have any questions or may be interested. Kind regards, Stu
  7. I like to drink coffee as the locals do in Indonesia. Indonesian coffee is delicious too!
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