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  1. Just wondering which scales everyone is using that fit nicely under the portafilter. Thanks
  2. They ship to the UK. Lots of people are getting them on Instagram over here already
  3. Im in filthynines 2. simontc 3. steffanjtaylor 4. tsouthwell 5. ZiggyMarley 6. Ozzyjohn 7. Samalang 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.
  4. If you decide to sell separately then please let me know as interested in the grinder, thanks
  5. I faced a similar dilemma, went for a hand grinder and pretty soon got bored of having to hand grind all the best one especially when trying to learn soo much. My advice would be to try and get a good second hand electric grinder.
  6. I'm all set at 9 bar and the gauge is on its way to sam_d
  7. 3rd time lucky and we have a winner!
  8. Good day all. I'm thinking a new basket is in order as the one I have with my Classic is the original and now 12 years old so I'm sure it has seen better days. It will be a double basket to hold between 16-18grams if possible. From my basic understanding am I right thinking that a VMS basket is a bit more forgiving? Has anyone had both and noticed wild differences? And any recommendations on a particular model. Thanks all!
  9. @Sam_d the gauge is on its way to me, I plan on doing the adjustment this weekend and will pm you when done
  10. I have just pressed go on this design, 13 hours till completion! I will update with how I get on
  11. Another one to add to this list, happy to add location also; 1.Simon.tc 2. wilton - Manchester 3. Beanbrain 4. Kwack 5. chrisd2684 - London 6.Samalang - Northampton
  12. Loved the coffee shops in Vienna, my waistline also enjoyed the cake!
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