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  1. If you eBay '007 o-rings', you should find what you need. Make sure they are high temperature, and I would recommend a dab of something like Molycote to help. I also found this link https://outwestcoffee.com.au/index.php/product/breville-service-kit-900-series/ for a cheap(ish) set of genuine o-rings, spring clips and a group seal. These are sent from Australia, so take a few weeks to arrive. Works out at about £12, and is not subject to VAT or duty. PM me and perhaps I can send you a few emergency ones for Christmas!
  2. How many do you need? In thread above I posted about how you can get them shipped from Aus for little money. £12 I paid, but they seem to be on sale now. Else you can purchase non-OEM off eBay.
  3. I have had the Oracle for 2 years now and agree that it can be inconsistent, however with some getting used to, I think it can be (somewhat) tamed. My recommendations for lowering inconsistency are: How long the machine has been sat warming for makes a huge difference. If you set the your grind/tamp to make one coffee frimmediately after it gets to temperature, then that setting will likely not be right for the second coffee or indeed for a shot produced once the machine has been left for 30 minutes getting warm. I have the machine warm up for 30 minutes before my alarm to try and mitigate this. Firing hot water through the group head/portafilter also seems to help. If I am making coffee for multiple people, I find I need to tweak the grind as the machine is 'worked' as the machine warms. Only make grinder adjustments when the grinder is grinding and as per points above, don't expect first shot produced when you have adjusted grind to be right first time, you need to work that coffee through. Adjustments I make to the grinder as I work through a kilo bag of beans over a month are tiny. Moving the dial from 20 to 26 (at least on my machine) is what I would expect I would need to do if I was changing bean altogether and recalibrating. Else, it is tweaking more than anything else and rarely see a change in the number shown (I can turn about 1/3rd of a turn between numbers). Of course your mileage may vary, and I assume every machine has its own characterisitics, but the above seems to help me a great deal. I read with interest the theory of running the grinder for a second for your first shot (if the machine had not be used for a day) in order to push through any half-ground (stale) beans/grinds. In my head this would make a lot of sense and may also help with consistency. I will give it a try. Cheers.
  4. Have you got a photo to help visualise the problem?
  5. I got a complete solenoid assembly from here: https://outwestcoffee.com.au/index.php/product/breville-bes-860-70-valve-assembly/ This includes both the espresso and the steam solenoids. They are both installed on a bracket and therefore makes it a 10-minute job to replace. I had this delivered from Australia to the UK - took about 10-days.
  6. jm-darcy

    Which black?

    May I enquire as to what happened to the Oracle? Did you fall out of love with it?
  7. If you lift the 'non-rotating' part of the grinder mechanism (upper burr) out of the machine (lift up the wire handle and rotate to the unlock position), you should see an adjustment on there saying coarser or finer. Sounds like you need to go one or two notches finer - default setting is 6 I believe. This adjustment is far easier to do without any beans in between the burrs, so remove what you can with fingers/vacuum and run any remnants through the grinder (i.e. it grinds off anything left and spins up freely) so that the parts will separate easily.
  8. I would get as much as you can out by hand/vacuum cleaner, and then run the last remnants through the grinder (run the grinder until it spins up quickly, showing its empty). If there is enough for a shot, use it, else I would bin anything else left over. You really want just one bean type to help you dial in the new bean as quickly as you can (thus minimising wasted shots). Having a mixture will just make your life more difficult. Do try and change only one variable at a time. If you change several factors such as grind size, grind dosing, shot duration, etc. all at once, it will make it incredibly difficult to identify what is having an impact on what.
  9. Just to close this thread off. O-rings arrived to UK from Australia yesterday. Only a few weeks to ship. If people need some genuine rings in a rush, I have some, and happy to share/help.
  10. Hi John. Absolutely, you are correct, they were under £12 IIRC. I only mentioned the £18 value as I understand that this is the threshold that Customs will charge for import. How long have you been waiting for?
  11. Just as a follow-up and hopefully some use to others. I fitted the 007 o-rings on the leaking ports on my steam boiler this evening. Although they are very slightly bigger than the originals, the sensor and pipe installed without too much hassle and appear to be leak-free. I will open the machine up in a few days and double check, but a cold spoon test this evening seemed to show a leak-free boiler. I also found this link https://outwestcoffee.com.au/index.php/product/breville-service-kit-900-series/ for a cheap(ish) set of genuine o-rings, spring clips and a group seal. These are sent from Australia, so could take a while. Value is less than £18 and so should not be subject to VAT or duty.
  12. Thanks...this has reassured me greatly. There is a second size o-ring I understand for the probes. It is slightly larger. Any idea what size o-ring might be aligned with this?
  13. I have ordered some 007 silicone o-rings from RS in the UK. I will try those. 50-off for ~£6 delivered. If that solves the issue then I will park it - if not, then you are right, I will pursue the warranty route on the previous repair.
  14. Good morning all. First post from me, so firstly, wanted to say hello. I have an Oracle and noticed hissing once the machine was warmed up, and condensation around the back of the unit. Opened it up, and sure enough two of my ports on the roof of the steam boiler are passing - one being the tube to the steam wand, and the other a temperature probe. Long and short of it, I need (orange/red) o-rings - but they seem to be impossible to source in the UK. Sage refer me to their service centre 'Coffee Classics', and Coffee Classics (who I have used before for an electrical fault) won't sell the o-rings on and need me to send the machine in to them for repair - something I am not hugely adverse to doing, however it seems crazy to ship the machine for such a simple repair. The machine was with them 5-months ago for a separate issue, and whilst it was with them I paid for all of the o-rings to be replaced as a preventative measure. Understandably, I am not hugely enamoured that two of them have failed so soon and would perhaps prefer to repair myself if at all possible. Does anyone have any advice on where to source genuine or functional o-rings for these Sage machines? Thank you in advance for any help you can provide. James
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