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  1. Did you make any progress with this? Like you, if I switch the machine on and let it heat and press 1 or 2 cup button, I often only get a dribble of fluid come out of the group head and some gurgling. If I 'prime' the system by pressing the hot water button (even for only a fraction of a second), then immediately then press the 1 or 2 cup buttons, it works beautifully. My machine is the Oracle, and has had filtered water and meticulous descale/back flushing. Have had probes out and they are immaculate so I would be surprosed if scale was the issue. Not personally had any issues
  2. No setting, per se. You can adjust pressure and duration of tamp but that is about it. Does the machine stop grinding automatically? If so, one would assume that the tamping 'fan' is installed. Have you taken it off and inspected and cleaned?
  3. It seems that Coffee Classics are the only people who Sage authorise to do work on their machines in the UK. I sent my Oracle to them a few years ago - Packaging and sending it to them is pretty costly and so when mine sprang another boiler leak, I decided I would tackle it myself from then on. I am certainly no authorised repairer, but have had mine open a dozen times to replace o-rings, solenoid and steam wand assembly. I also bought another faulty Oracle, fixed it up (triac failed) and indeed a faulty Barista Express (solenoid and pump) and have given those to friends so I am generally
  4. Does sound like the pump - but without opening up and checking for blockages (unlikely given the maintenance) or a SOV dismantle and clean, then it is hard to diagnose. If you've not opened it up before, don't be worried, it is straight forward. Check some Youtube videos and you'll see instructions. A pump change should not be too difficult. I would imagine it has the Ulka EX5 pump in it, but worth checking the label on your pump to make sure. Where are you based? Perhaps someone on here who is familiar with the inner workings may be able to provide socially-distanced support?
  5. Sorry to hear of your trouble. A few questions: Did this happen immediately after a descale? Is the machine heating up to temperature? When you click a single or dual shot do you hear the familiar click? Is the pump whirring when you press a shot button or the hot water button? Has it been left empty, or has it been able to run out of water prior to it stopping working? Best regards, James
  6. Tripping RCDs is quite often due to moisture inside the enclosure - more often than not because of an o-ring failure on one of the boilers. I would perhaps not advising continuing to try and use the machine as you may well be causing permanent damage. How confident would you be at opening the machine up to have a look inside? There are some easy things to check with the lid off which may explain a few things. All that is needed is a long philips screwdriver and a torx head scresdriver for the screws on the back. Happy to talk you through it. Just PM me. Of course your appet
  7. I went through a short stage of this. A different bean seemed to stop it, despite having used the same one for a while with no ill effect. As I was troubleshooting, and after using my delonghi grinder for an Aeropress coffee after a bad tamp, I noticed the amount of static that the delonghi grinder built up causing the grinds to stick to the perspex 'container'. I wondered whether static was also causing the Oracle to occasionally suffer. Indeed, if I took out the 'fan' after a bad tamp, it would inevitably be coated in coffee grounds whereas on a good tamp, it would be almost clear.
  8. If you eBay '007 o-rings', you should find what you need. Make sure they are high temperature, and I would recommend a dab of something like Molycote to help. I also found this link https://outwestcoffee.com.au/index.php/product/breville-service-kit-900-series/ for a cheap(ish) set of genuine o-rings, spring clips and a group seal. These are sent from Australia, so take a few weeks to arrive. Works out at about £12, and is not subject to VAT or duty. PM me and perhaps I can send you a few emergency ones for Christmas!
  9. How many do you need? In thread above I posted about how you can get them shipped from Aus for little money. £12 I paid, but they seem to be on sale now. Else you can purchase non-OEM off eBay.
  10. I have had the Oracle for 2 years now and agree that it can be inconsistent, however with some getting used to, I think it can be (somewhat) tamed. My recommendations for lowering inconsistency are: How long the machine has been sat warming for makes a huge difference. If you set the your grind/tamp to make one coffee frimmediately after it gets to temperature, then that setting will likely not be right for the second coffee or indeed for a shot produced once the machine has been left for 30 minutes getting warm. I have the machine warm up for 30 minutes before my alarm to try and mi
  11. Have you got a photo to help visualise the problem?
  12. I got a complete solenoid assembly from here: https://outwestcoffee.com.au/index.php/product/breville-bes-860-70-valve-assembly/ This includes both the espresso and the steam solenoids. They are both installed on a bracket and therefore makes it a 10-minute job to replace. I had this delivered from Australia to the UK - took about 10-days.
  13. May I enquire as to what happened to the Oracle? Did you fall out of love with it?
  14. If you lift the 'non-rotating' part of the grinder mechanism (upper burr) out of the machine (lift up the wire handle and rotate to the unlock position), you should see an adjustment on there saying coarser or finer. Sounds like you need to go one or two notches finer - default setting is 6 I believe. This adjustment is far easier to do without any beans in between the burrs, so remove what you can with fingers/vacuum and run any remnants through the grinder (i.e. it grinds off anything left and spins up freely) so that the parts will separate easily.
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