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  1. PaulL and Rob1, could I ask what size of milk pitcher you use.
  2. Thanks for the tip PaulL, I'll give it a try. With regard to ebay sellers I contacted Edesia for advice but the reply was that it depends on the thickness of the lugs with no further advice so not much help really.
  3. I'm very much in a steep but enjoyable learning curve with my recently acquired Minima. One aspect which I'm finding challenging is steaming milk. After reading a number of posts I understand practice makes perfect but one thing which I think may help is a two hole steam tip, my machine only came with a three hole. Can any one point me in the right direction to purchase the correct fitting tip. I would also like to get a bottomless portafilter and again advice on compatible brands would be much appreciated.
  4. Is the Minima fitted with compression or non compression type steam and hot water valves?
  5. I note from your reply some interestng points particularyly in regard to the asthetics of the machine vs the practicality. I agree it is an unusual design compared to other machines and for me looks are not important but good to see its brilliant in use. Without trying to risk speculating again if as I suspect will be the case and BB reply they have no intention of stocking the machine I will probably take the safer route and purchase the Lelit Mara and use the money saved to buy a better grinder. Also I think if I wait for the pound to improve I may be waiting along time!
  6. Can any one recommended any other reliable retailers who will be stocking the Minima. Shame that BB won't be stocking, I had hoped to buy from them as the dealings I have had with them and the advice given so far have been excellent. One thing I have gleaned from reading posts is that customer service and backup is some what variable amongst retailers and that BB have an excellent reputation. Being a complete novice and buying my first proper machine the reviews of the Lelit and Minima where very influential in coming up with my short list. It would be interesting to know if it was a comme
  7. I'm looking to acquire a Minima and also hoping Bella Barista will chose to stock it soon.
  8. Pliers


    I had settled on the Lelit Mara as a first foray into espresso to see how I end up using a machine before maybe moving toward a higher spec machine or even a lever machine. But having seen the ACS Minima and the favourable review I think this is now my preferred choice. Just need to find a reliable stockist, I'm a little guarded over using Caffeitalia who show it to be in stock after various past comments posted. I'm hoping Bella Barista will stock it. I have had several conversations with them and they have been very helpful and patient with a novice.
  9. Pliers


    New member saying hello. Looking to buy a machine and came across the forum whilst doing some research and have found the forum to be an excellent resource.
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