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  1. Alexholt


    Fika isn't a brand. Fika North is independent. Lots off places use the name because it is a Swedish word meaning a kind of slow lazy break...
  2. Alexholt


    Just to add to the Laynes, Mrs Athas, La Botega list.... (all of which are flawless in my book) Fika North on the top side of headingley is superb (using Casa Espresso) Salami and co in Otley make an exceptional Long black. Kapow (Call Lane) do some good coffee although slightly bitter for my tastes) and slightly dependent on which Barista is in on the day. I like it because I can park out side for 30p and dash in on the way to the M1..... Opposite in Chapel A used to be my 'go to' but they downgraded from premium beans to NorthStar, they remain passable, and they do guest beans on batch brew. Broomfield Square in Otley is surprisingly good. not an out and out coffee venue but the guy in there seriously knows how to brew! One of the few places I have bought a second cup before the first cup went cold (Laynes being the other). Stage espresso. Pretty good, but I would probably walk the extra 200m and go to la Botega.... nice for a change though. Lots of people love Northstar in Leeds Dock, but I find it a little 'ordinary'. The beans are mid range in price and I think that shows in the coffee (Confirmation Bias??) Lots of other people like Wolfox or wolf fox?? near the station, but I have had some really over-extracted brews there and the Barista told me 'I must be mistaken' while I spooned in sugar to make it drinkable. I also heard the guy who runs it 'slamming' some of the other places on this list for using 'blends'. I didn't really appreciate his attitude.
  3. Hello follow coffee fans. Does anyone know of a good coffee shop in Saltburn or around that part of the world?
  4. Works perfectly, but I want another go at making it. It would be better in stainless steel drilled to match the drop tray.... but I only had a bit of mild laying around. if I can find someone with a proper bending machine I will commission one.
  5. Catcher for grounds, draw for bits and pieces and 2 integrated scales. All packs away quickly and only used scraps of wood from my flooring, a bit of bent steel and some broken 1920s cufflinks.
  6. So I picked up a fully upgraded GCP from faircycler. It is fantastic. anyway, it meant my old setup didn’t work and I was getting grounds all over. So...
  7. Anyone ever seen a 'drip tray full' mod for the GCP?
  8. Sold Via a PM - against the rules, so apologies. how do I move to sold please?
  9. Hi, I have ended up with some spare items for my Sage Barista express. Naked/ Bottomless portafilter. Use a couple of times only. £20 Postage will be £3 with MyHermes.
  10. Yes, it screws in and out to the required depth. The distributor side is fixed.
  11. Hi, I have ended up with some spare items for my Sage Barista express. Naked/ Bottomless portafilter. Use a couple of times only. £20 Coffee distributor tool with a depth calibrated tamper on the other side. £15 Reasonable offers accepted! Would rather sell together, but happy to split. Postage added to price, would estimate £3 for either 1 or two items.
  12. I have a sage compatible one on sale here. Posted for 20...
  13. Hi, due to a Christmas list error, I ended up with two bottomless portafilters today. They are well made and fit well into the Barista Express: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Bottomless-Portafilter-Stainless-Espresso-Replacement/dp/B08DXZF9KX/ref=sr_1_6?crid=2N3M0GYNII6S0&dchild=1&keywords=bottomless+portafilter+54mm+breville&qid=1608934655&sprefix=bottomless+porta%2Caps%2C169&sr=8-6 Can someone take one off my hands? Posted to you for £20 all in.....
  14. I like the look of the Victoria, bit it is over budget....
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