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  1. Budget for grinder £150, I'm located in Surrey.
  2. Somehow didn't see the other 12 pages..
  3. Having just bought a Classic, I’m looking to get both a bottomless portafilter and suitable grinder (Rocky or Mignon, or others if recommended).
  4. Thanks for the info - a good start / intro to the Classic!
  5. So both Volvic and Ashbeck are ok for the Gaggia then? If so, perhaps I'll save some money on the next lot I buy and go for Ashbeck!
  6. Having just got a Gaggia Classic, I would definitely recommend. With the steam-wand modification steaming becomes a pleasure too. Mine fortunately came with a PID upgrade giving much better accuracy on temperature, but I believe the mod. is relatively easy.
  7. Whilst researching for my Gaggia I came across this place, found useful advice and so joined!
  8. Having also just got a Gaggia, I'm wondering about alternatives to using the Gaggia descaler too. For now, I'll stick with it until I find an alternative, I had read somewhere that Tartaric acid may be more suitable but still unsure. At the moment, I'm minimising the descaling required by using Volvic - although this is proving fairly expensive in itself.
  9. Peru Finca Los Santos from Redber Cappuccino from my new Gaggia machine
  10. Google search for advice on my new Gaggia!
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