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  1. 75 miles this morning, 2 cappuccino's with full fat milk as a recovery drink and Milan San Remo on catch up tv. roll on fathers day when I can do what I want?
  2. Not interested myself, but thanks for the heads up.
  3. Hi Mark, Thanks for the reply and link. I have had the valve assembly off today and can confirm that electrically the solenoid is ok. When I remove the tip section of the valve and look inside there is a spring loaded assembly. I can press easily the centre section and it returns however I can not fully remove the inner parts. Do you know if this is possible? It seems to me that the right hand hole is blocked. If it was would this cause the symptoms that my machine is showing? Cheers, Stu.
  4. Is it possible to just buy the brass bit of the valve? Have you ever taken one apart, if so can you give me some tips. I soaked it in quite a strong solution for about 30 mins and nothing seems to have happened. still got same problem. Coil is ok, I have checked it with power on. Not really sure how the porting is on this valve but one of the holes appears to be blocked completley. I cant get the spring loaded centre section of the valve out.
  5. Thanks for that Mike. Just had a look at the parts PDF and that looks promising. Will remove and descale now.
  6. When I use the steam arm for either hot water or steaming I get water coming through the grouphead. I don't think that this should happen but it is not a fault that I can find on the forum. Also don't think that it is a steam valve problem, but i could easily be wrong. Does anyone have any ideas? Cheers, Stu.
  7. Where can I purchase these in the UK?
  8. Paypal is good for me VCM, I will PM my details. Expo, I would be happy to split 50/50 if that's ok with VCM. If you are ok with splitting, would you like to send to us both or would you like me to split at this end and forward on?
  9. I would like to accept the offer please. It will give me a chance to try my popcorn popper. How would you like payment? Cheers, Stu.
  10. I had the cheek to send them a sob story email stating that I was on night shift last night and missed the offer. Result, email back saying I could have some Lusty Galze, Black Chough and Sumatra Mandheling on the offer. Excellent customer service and will definitely use them again.
  11. Good effort, thanks for the pics and the write up. I have a popper in the garage awaiting a "maiden roast" How long are you going to wait before you try them?
  12. AGHhhhh!! not Audax... Never tried it, a few of the older boys at the club do a bit. Might give it a try though, I do like doing long rides now and again. Done a few sportives and a bit of road racing. Did LEJOG a couple of years ago and a 3 day ride from Grimsby to London and then Paris. The company that I work for has a bit of sway in Paris and they arranged some police out riders for us with a couple of the TDF photographers to lead us through Paris up to the company HQ. Was a great feeling having the cops stop the traffic at the junctions while we just rode through. Bunch of fat blokes o
  13. Cycling my other passion too. Current rides are, Argon18 Gallium, record groupset, Argon18 Ti with Centaur group and the winter ride is a Bianchi via Nirone with a combo from chorus to mirage. Slack handful of wheel sets to match most occasions. On the big weight loss programme at the moment. Hoping to have a good season. Nearly hit the buy button the other day on a Cervelo S5, managed to reign myself in though.
  14. stoobydale

    Shift Work

    Hi Gaz, yeh, worked shifts for the last 20 years or more, different shift patterns affect people in different ways. Currently work continental with a 10 day break every month. You will be getting every W/E off on the shift pattern you are working but it will still effect your social life. I find Afters the most antisocial, but you can have a sleep in to catch up. I did a 5 month training course on days a couple of years ago and it made me realise that I much prefer shifts. If you are like me you sleep patterns will be shot anyway, so I grab it when I can. Usually only get about 4 hrs max after
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