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  1. I wish ACS would comment on here on why they are letting 1st line rebrand the machine and sell it at a non-starter price in the US.
  2. The only "hype" of the Minima is that ACS wanted to make a DB machine and sell it at HX pricing, that's it. They pretty much succeeded with that in the UK at least as BB is selling it at the target price. So I fail to see what's misleading about the Minima.
  3. Exactly and 1-st line went ahead and priced it more than an expobar plus giving it branding that equates to cheaper, appliance type equipment. All they push now is Lelit Bianca so I guess they were afraid of the Minima disrupting the sales of that.
  4. Sadly in the US 1-st line decided to not only price the machine out if it's intended range but they are bringing it branded as caffeum perfectus which is the cheap home appliance brand. Complete disservice to ACS and what they were trying to achieve with the Minima.
  5. So it looks like the final production machine got rid of the dual pressure gauge on the body and now it has a single gauge right on the grouphead? Based on the Bella barista description and pics.
  6. Not sure I've just heard good things from the IMS. What is it that you prefer in the vst over the IMS?
  7. I use the double basket that came with my machine (VBM Domobar Jr). It can do 18g no problem. I also have a triple basket in which I've tried up to 22g shots but it's not my thing. I've tried shots from 19-22g and I always go back to 18g.
  8. It's time for the yearly maintenance of replacing my shower screen and gasket and was thinking of ordering a new basket as well so I can get free shipping from vendor. For the IMS nanoquartz baskets they have 2 sizes which are labeled as 16/18 and 18/20. If I do 18g shots which one should I go for? Not sure if I should go for the smaller or larger. My machine is an e61 group and I use a bottomless portafilter is that matters.
  9. Hi Paolo That's odd because 1st line was the first vendor I contacted that told me they weren't going to carry it.
  10. Hi everyone I'm from the US but have been very intrigued about the Minima and read both threads and watched Dave's videos on it. Trying to find out who is going to carry the Minima in the US I called 3 big online retailers who carry the Vesuvius and I was told by all 3 that they won't be bringing it here. When I asked for the reason they all said that they weren't impressed with the test units they were sent. I am beginning to wonder if they are just using that excuse to not carry it because they don't want to undercut their other products?
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