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  1. At least you still have hair to cut. These days I'm at the point of asking them whether they kept any of the hair they cut off in the past and could feasibly stick it back on. Middle-aged at 40. Jesus, that just took the edge off the day. It's somewhat of a reality check to having been told I looked 30ish last week and my older sibling being asked for ID buying booze a month ago (of which event he has never been prouder or inclined to shut up about).
  2. I'm kinda hoping it isn't a bot just someone really keen to greet people like a gregarious dog in a park.
  3. All_a_Mort


    In a rush this morning I resorted to using the clever dripper. Was slightly confused and bewildered when I ran out of space before adding all the water. Turns out I'd, er...updosed by about 100%. Whoops.
  4. Asking whether skimmed milk drinkers want or appreciate the in-the-cup results of using artisan or expensive skimmed milk, you sound as if you are wondering the following: 1. Whether a price increase might be justified, either to absorb some of the cost or to offer it as a premium (trend responsive) option. 2. If you stopped using expensive milk, would they notice an appreciable drop in quality? You'd only find the answer to either of those questions by trialling it in a shop and seeing what the response is either by customer feedback or by sales figures.
  5. A Coffee blogger wrote about the cafe here: https://www.doubleskinnymacchiato.com/2019/01/le-cafe-alain-ducasse-coal-drops-yard-kings-cross-specialty-coffee-shop-review.html
  6. Are you some sort of masochist? There is no drink that cannot be made worse by the addition of milk. Just look at the milk coke outrage of the last few days. More like the wildly inaccurate and heavily retouched photos on somebody's online dating profile. "On my best day, in really good light, sometime probably more than ten years ago, I looked like this..."
  7. Is pish oil a dietary supplement?
  8. Whilst waiting for my Niche to arrive, reading the comments on the Indiegogo site, someone mentioned putting a blind basket over the beans to prevent popcorning. Is popcorning much of an issue with the Niche? I'm aware some commercial grinders don't like it not having a sizeable quantity of beans in the hopper pushing down, but I thought the Niche was designed for small weighed doses?
  9. All_a_Mort


    I haven't actually done this, but I did get mighty close to doing it: I decided to make a sort of coffee-chocolate-chilli extract for adding to a chilli recipe and wondered whether I could run some cacao knibs through my grinder. On the brink of doing it, I stepped back and thought I'd google it. It wouldn't have been a good idea.
  10. Picked up some Bright Note from Waitrose this afternoon with a roast date of 14 Feb. Don't think I've seen a roast date more recent than that in a supermarket before.
  11. Seen a few bags of Union around in supermarkets with recentish roast dates, but I wonder whether that is mere luck because they've only just introduced those lines in the shops. Remains to be seen if they rotate and refresh stock often enough to be worth noting. I rather expect to find some of those same bags to still be on the shelf in four months time or worse.
  12. All_a_Mort


    Did you at least find out how hot your dishwasher gets?
  13. How does the Brita under sink option compare to BWT's Bestmax one?
  14. Listening to some Kaleida, came across their rather stark interpretation of 99 Luftballons Which made me want to listen to the somewhat cheerier sounding original:
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