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  1. Aldi are about to sell their knock off version for £350. Apparently it's a rebadged version of a common cheap alternative at a lower than usual price. I don't think it comes with all of the standard, nor is it compatible with the optional Joe accessories. But at £500 less than the normal price (and I've been monitoring Joe's for a couple of years and haven't seen any big discounts) it's a pretty tempting offer. I guess the quality will be lower but surely the concept and cooking properties will be more or less the same? https://www.aldi.co.uk/garden-shop/kamado-bbq
  2. Yeah the expansion valve thing is set to 12 out of the box. But it's very easy to adjust to whatever you want, even I managed it. You just need the appropriate hex key and spanner. Dave has a good video of it on YouTube. Not sure if it was just my unit, but I didn't have the cable tie that Dave had to rearrange. That or it wasn't positioned in a way that impeded the adjustment.
  3. They dropped it from mine, in fact I didn't get any felt pads either, just the grippy ones.
  4. Bella Barista are now stocking two hole steam tips. Making progress with the 3 but with the small quantities of milk in using I'll give the 2 a try. Now just to find a suitable bottomless portafilter
  5. Recently bought one very similar to the Amazon link by the OP from eBay for around half the price. Very solid, but not the best fit in the basket. A bit of coffee is sticking to the lip between the two parts. Haven't investigated yet whether this is just the fit or if it's just not screwing up properly. +1 on it not being a distributor
  6. After your boil in the bag comment I'm not sure whether to take the bait, in case you haven't seen it I found the serious eats post on eggs pretty useful
  7. Sold out already! Thanks for sharing though
  8. You can pick up a bag sealer for £30-40 ish and individual BPA free bags or a roll that you can cut whatever sized bags you need from. I've also just used ziplock bags (Google displacement method) 57 degrees won't denature them, although I think the purpose made bags are better as they're much stronger, much less chance of the bag splitting.
  9. Yeah they most probably did it first for eggs. Onsen eggs, named after the baths.
  10. I'm also interested in how to acquire a two hole steaming tip and a compatible bottomless portafilter. I'm minded to just take a punt on an eBay portafilter, but they give the impression of fitting specific machines and don't advertise the wing measurements. Even if they did, I'm not entirely sure how to measure them.
  11. I have a sous vide but I don't really use it for steaks. I find it a bit too much faff when you can cook a steak in 5 minutes and nail it with practice and an instant read thermometer. I tend to think having all that time in the pan builds a better flavour. Pre searing and post searing in a pan when sous viding is good, but not as good considering you have to limit the time to prevent over cooking. I don't find the extra steps worth it. Maybe if I had one of those searzall attachments and could get a better sear I'd switch. If I do something like a lamb/venison rack I always do this in the sous vide. Uneven thicknesses of meat, lots of bones conducting heat, it's harder to nail consistency and I don't cook it often enough. Bung it in at something like ~52 for 2-3 hours with some herbs, sear it in some butter with more herbs and it's perfect. Eggs are another quick and easy thing to do in the water bath of you want particularly consistency - serious eats has a great post on the effect of temperature and time. Not got around to doing a multi day braises in the sous vide yet but it's a popular way of doing something like short rib.
  12. Interesting stuff, I rate Meathead and have gained quite a bit from reading his website and he seems to rate these. I use a ProQ Frontier, which is very similar to the Weber Smokey Mountain. They are vertical smokers like this but use a big pan of water to shield the food from the fire, stabilize the temperature and allow you to cook low at 225F. Interesting that Meathead is saying although the pit barrel has an exposed fire you can still keep the heat down, albeit not to the ideal 225 (for ribs - chicken is actually better at the temperatures the pit barrel is targeting). Food juices fall and end up in the water pan in a bullet smoker, whereas in these they will fall on the coals and enhance the flavour as when grilling.
  13. Just to feedback to this thread, I went ahead with the Minima in the end. I'm awaiting a new grinder before I can get the most out of the machine but I'm happy with what I've seen so far. It's better looking than some of the photos indicate. Build quality is generally good, although the cut steel is pretty sharp in places. The drip tray seems a bit flimsy, it's not really in of itself but there doesn't appear to be a lip supporting the back edge?
  14. Yes it's been moved to the group, at least on the version being shipped to the UK. The UK retailer Belle Barista is using the same overhead shot of the machine with the old location of the gauge. I guess they are outdated stock photos.
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