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  1. I wouldn't do it either, if there wasn't a need for it.. It sounds like some residue is touching the burr carrier. I can imagine that on a Mazzer it's even more hard to get off. Thanks alot, gonna hit him up!
  2. Thanks for the fast answer! Helped to resolve everything and my arse works perfectly now, thanks! A little bit off topic, but read something about it in this thread. How do you remove the burr carrier? I already bought an 13mm wrench but can't figure out how to remove it. Thanks in advance and wish for an extraction rich day!
  3. Hello fellow Coffee lovers! I purchased a used Ceado E37s and wanted to get my arse together! Feels like i searched the whole web for the answer. Can someone tell me if you are supposed to leave the little metal flap at the burr exit in place or remove it? After i installed it with the flap, i noticed that the opening stuck to the metal teeth of the beer can.
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