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  1. Hi If you can do PayPal I’ll have it at asking. Cheers
  2. Saltydog

    Black Friday

    Tried it for an Aeropress it’s not included.
  3. Possible good deal if you’re around Aberdeen Expobar leva 2 with a grinder £250 https://www.gumtree.com/p/coffee-machines/expobar-professional-coffee-machine-with-iberital-grinder/1359603722
  4. Cheap grinder if you live in Devon https://www.gumtree.com/p/restaurant-catering-equipment/commercial-coffee-grinder-/1359304601 £20 Bargain
  5. Dream setup, beautifully executed routine 😎
  6. Hi if you can take PayPal I’ll take at asking price.
  7. Saltydog

    Black Friday

    Cheers @Jony 2kg winging it’s way 👍
  8. Hi and Welcome to the Forum A wee bit confused you want to spend £100 on a grinder for Espresso and Pour over ? And I take it you’ll require an Espresso machine or are you looking at Aeropress and such like. Unfortunately decent kit costs and it really is the best way to go, so you’ll get really good recommendations from the guys and gals here. BUT it will cost, that said everyone will want you to get the best value suited to your needs. My advice listen to the recommendations and use the forum to research with another healthy dose of research .
  9. SAN Marco 100e

    SM90 & Eureka Zenith 

  10. Saltydog

    5 word story...

    Until two months had passed
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