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  1. Well that eliminates a lever machine for the ship. 1) Most crew never follow safety warnings. 2) I don’t want the additional paperwork. Already have to do method statements and risk assessments. 3) I’d look ridiculous wearing all the appropriate PPE just to make an Espresso 😂 Thankfully you only got a fright and no Injuries 😎
  2. Smaller than the minima. Dual boiler? knobs generic, mini minima ? oh do tell 🤔
  3. Probably bean related 1) grind 2) bean freshness and type
  4. Welcome on board. I use to run pretty regularly to the Island up to end of 2013. enjoy your journey
  5. https://www.gumtree.com/p/coffee-machines/gaggia-classic-coffee-machine-with-rancilio-silva-wand-and-accessories/1340368799 Gaggia Classic pre Philips £75
  6. 26 posts in over an hour
  7. Mmmm Sherluck hat on the evidence recycled laminated wood, the card with the Avatar behind mmm. Got it it was the Vicar ! Am I right is there a prize ? Come one on the suspense is killing me......
  8. I’m interested to know what you weigh with the scales on the wall surely that’s not the best way to use them:)
  9. Running 8 3/4 bar at present fitted a new pump and set it to 9 bar I thought dialed in the grinder with some local roasted Ethiopian beans and WoW mega best espresso to date, then noticed whilst pulling a shot pump sitting on 8 3/4 bar so I’ve left alone at least till these beans are finished.
  10. Howdy it’s great fun learning and there’s so much to learn
  11. https://www.gumtree.com/p/coffee-machines/gaggia-classic-coffee-machine/1337067385 Worth a look
  12. I must have missed that bit on the Minima “rapid pressure ramp up” I checked out [email protected] extensive tests both beta and production machines not once did he mention that or was anything like what you describe demonstrated in the videos of the Minima pulling shots. One of us is confused maybe me.
  13. https://www.gumtree.com/p/other-household-goods/gaggia-classic-espresso-machine-liberal-coffee-grinder/1336627029 ideal starter setup for some in South Shields Bargain
  14. Hi just a rescale and back flush or some tinkering?
  15. https://www.gumtree.com/p/coffee-machines/nuova-simonelli-eureka-mdmca-coffee-grinder/1335891759 £20 can’t be bad.
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