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  1. I would recommend the Leaf £80 mind check out reviews be easier for the better half to use, you might have to put the bodes in for her. https://leafshave.com/
  2. @Wisey https://www.amazon.co.uk/Edwin-Jagger-Antiseptic-Alum-Block/dp/B00LXUM9A0/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=edwin+jagger+alum+block&qid=1597958561&sprefix=edwin+jagger+al&sr=8-1 use it after you shave takes care of weepers etc. various types out there but this seemed more old school so thought why not. You’ll probably hear me scream first time I use it.
  3. @Wisey Edwin Jagger DE89 badger hair brush multi trial pack various blades Taylor of bond st Sandalwood soap Bowl and brush rack Jagger alum block think I’ve fallen into another rabbit hole 🤪
  4. Wish I hadn’t started reading this thread. Just cost me more money. 🙄
  5. Everything I’d like to see is already mentioned 😀 A couple of small things on the practicality side of things. 1. Allen key heads rather than screw heads for maintenance cleaning. 2. Maybe a detachable power cable ? (More costly material wise I know) my 2 pence worth. Great too see someone taking this on the very best off luck 👍
  6. @MrNik interested in grinder at asking price. but in interest of sportsmanship best let OP have first refusal.
  7. Just get a portafilter funnel, so you have a choice either grind directly to the portafilter or grind to cup and tip into the portafilter using the funnel.
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