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    Welcome to the forum.
  2. Really like v60 but it's been awhile. Switching grinds of my iberital mc2 is slow and awkward so I tend not to bother.
  3. Typically classics from before Phillips bought the company in 2009 are considered better. As I own a 2012 model I can't really tell you why. but the 2015 model is a very different machine internally it lost the solenoid valve and has a very different boiler. Externally it has push buttons instead of switches and the portafilter has plastic spouts.
  4. Just make sure to avoid the 2015 model if you do pick one up.
  5. Welcome to the forum, with a budget of £200 you could probably get a pre-owned gaggia classic and a hand grinder.
  6. Over the years I've acquired a number of different ways of making coffee. I started with a cafetiere then got the coffee bug and bought a v60, Moka pot, areopress and last I got a gaggia classic. So I'm curious to how often do people switch between them? As for myself I mainly use my classic and only use my cafietiere when I have a lot of guests.
  7. Hello, I've been using the forum as a resource for years. Back in 2014 when I bought my gaggia classic, I picked it because of the information I found here. And when I ran into a problem with it or when I decided to ovp it I would find a thread. So today I decided to finally sign up and join the community.
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