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  1. Answering my own question here -- there's a fantastic coffee scene in Seoul, great destination. Didn't get a chance to explore every place I wanted to, but here were my favourites: Coffee Libre Coffee M Stable 5brewing
  2. I got some good responses when I asked about Cape Town earlier this year, so thought I'd try again -- any recommendations for Seoul? thanks, Casper.
  3. Thanks to Fez for the recommendations -- for the benefit of anyone else travelling there, in terms of coffee alone my personal favourite was Rosetta Roasters, although if you're in Simon's Town do go to Blue Door.
  4. Cool, thanks -- think I have enough suggestions now. Any interesting local beers to try?
  5. Going there this Easter, can anyone recommend some good places to try? I searched the forums and found this link: https://sprudge.com/cruisin-cape-town-coffee-46439.html I'll start with that, but the article is 5 years old, any other recommendations? thanks, Casper
  6. I use this simple recipe, as long as you use 2% sea salt and leave it for 4 weeks it's always good: https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/simple-sauerkraut
  7. Also just got this working -- as the Gaggia was new (to me) and I combined it with the OPV mod I can't say how much better it is now, but can confirm it's not hard at all. Managed to completely break the switch panel though putting it back, not sure if that's common as I didn't think I was using much force. Anyway, replaced now and all back and working. Thanks MrShades :-)
  8. Ah, the switches! -- Thanks, I don't know what condition these machines are in, but going to try and clean them up and get them working.
  9. Hi there, My boss is giving me 2 Gaggia classics his Dad had -- what's the easiest way to tell if they're pre-2015 models? thanks, Casper.
  10. Ah, Crushed Bean is on my list of places to try, will give it a go. Have you tried Sweet Bean in Box Park? Serves Square Mile coffee, but I think you need to go before midday as Nico the barista gets off around then.
  11. Dry January has forced me to entertain myself with something other than gin, hence the rekindled interest in coffee. I got a Nespresso Vertuo machine for Christmas and was disappointed at the output (thank God I got it cheap -- it seems worse then the original Nespresso). Got a Sage smart grinder pro and a V60 for now which I'm enjoying, but will definitely be getting an espresso machine soonish. Thanks, Casper.
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