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  1. Hi everyone, I am Michael C Brodie and have started a new coffee business. Wanted to own a coffee shop for years but just never worked out, with funds, timing etc. I got med discharged from the Royal Navy in 1999 after diagnosis of ms and through turmoil over the years packed in work 2014 and opened my own health and wellbeing business called 'Whole Life Wellness'. Coffee has come into my life again and his time I'm going to run with it, importing & distribution. My issues at the moment whilst stacking up what I want to import is the margins a coffee business works on with its beans. I havent asked the business I intend to be my first and don't want to be importing then it not be viable, either on the margins I can give them or the margins I can make after selling to the end business. Can I ask for rough figures and advice guys, please I buy a 1lb bag of Coffee beans, after import, for say .... What margin will the business be looking to make on the bag or per cup? Sorry for the lack of info but never been in this game before and havent a clue as to what these guys are looking to make on a 'Tall' (Starbucks language) cup of coffee (Americano)? LOVE Michael
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