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  1. The v9 30 149 15 firmware version is the one I have with a mecoffee from a year ago. Maybe I've just been lucky but mine hasn't suffered so far from the boiler remaining on issue. The shot timer doesn't work with preinfusion as you say though. Just a thought - my version of the Silvia is the E/version 5 which has an insulation jacket around the boiler - could the insulation be what's preventing my mecoffee overheating?
  2. I have the same issue with the shot timer. I also occasionally have that misreporting of the temperature but it seems to be when my phone is too far away to receive a strong enough Bluetooth connection. I've checked my firmware is the same version as yours so don't think that's the problem. By the way, did you set the steam temperature to 130 - mine's set to 125 by default? I'm afraid I'm starting to run out of suggestions other than that you may have a faulty mecoffee and maybe just need a replacement. I really hope you manage to get it sorted. Once it's working it does make great coffee!
  3. Hi JeanDit, As far as I can see the wiring looks correct in the photos. I realise you were talking about the power switch not the brew switch in your original point 1. I believe the long white wire should be moved down to the terminal below it along with the black Silvia wire and the green mecoffee wire (leaving the upper left unconnected). This gives the valve an always on permanent neutral. You can try moving it but I don't think this can be the reason you're having the issues. So the boiler is being regulated ok when the problem isn't there but then every so often it fails to turn off? Or does this only happen when you try to steam?
  4. Can I just ask what do the red crosses indicate? Also if you could post a couple of photos that might help.
  5. Hi JeanDit, I have the V5 Silvia whereas I think yours must be the V1-4 so the installation is slightly different so please forgive me if what I say isn't right for your machine. Addressing your points: 1: From what I understand the upper left terminal of the brew switch should remain unconnected. In step 6 I think you should have disconnected the white cable attached there, and connected this cable to the white cable from the kit, leaving them disconnected from the brew switch and simply connected to each other. 2. The orange and black wires are the two you previously connected together in step 5. The orange was originally connected to the top right terminal of the brew switch. The two orange wires should be connected to each other but not reconnected to the brew switch. 3. I'm not sure I understand what you're asking here I'm afraid. I hope this is helpful - I think the instructions could be better on the website and like you it would be much quicker doing it a second time! It should also say somewhere that right and left is as you look at it from the front of the machine. All the best, Chevy
  6. chevy

    Gaggia Classic

    OK great, I'll take it. I should be able to come over to pick up from you. Will PM you to arrange a good time, thanks!
  7. chevy

    Gaggia Classic

    Would you be able to post pictures of the sides, back and top of it's not too much trouble tommyp? Also are there any obvious marks on it? I wouldn't be so fussed if it was for me but it would be a present for my sister so just want to make sure it looks fairly smart. Thanks for your input L&R, GCGlasgow and ashcroc!
  8. Is the grinder still for sale? Thanks.
  9. chevy

    Gaggia Classic

    Sounds good - I'm definitely interested - I'd just like to know what year it is. Thanks.
  10. Hi there, could someone send me the discount code too please? Thanks!
  11. I'd definitely recommend Hill and Valley as well, its dark bitter flavours followed by a mellow dark chocolate and butterscotch finish give it a great flavour in milk. It's Very drinkable! The review of it you may have read gives the impression it will blow your socks off but I found it a really nice tasting coffee (if you prefer a dark roast). And it's certainly not too acidic for a milk based drink.
  12. Just my take on it but: For latte I like Hill and Valley, it is a dark roast with hints of hazelnut and dark chocolate and enough punch to stand up to milk well. For espresso, Sweet Bourbon is nice and tastes like it sounds with chocolate flavours. For a good all rounder Red Roast is a satisfying safe bet with treacle and caramel notes. Would someone be able to send me a discount code too please, I'm running dangerously low? Thanks! ?
  13. Yeah I've tried at quite a few temperatures. I'd recommend experimenting yourself. I tried initially with the default setting (101 degrees) and the shots seemed a bit off compared with the ones before PIDing. I also measured the temperature at the brew head with a thermocouple type thermometer and a plastic beaker. I. found that with a mecoffee setting of 104.5 degrees C thermostat temperature, water temperature max measured 93.2 and with a thermostat temperature of 106.5, it measured 93.3. (This reading was with 50% proactive). I thought these seemed quite low so redid the test but preheated the thermometer probe but still only got 96.1 degrees at the brew head (proactive 60%). Of course bear in mind that it might be the mecoffee temperature sensor that's badly calibrated on mine, hence why I'd say experiment at different temperatures keeping everything else as constant as you can. Also I've noticed that the proactive setting versus the rate of flow of your shot has a big impact on the temperature as the shot is poured. I had to up the setting whilst doing the experiment to make it more realistic as I had nothing restricting the flow.
  14. These are the settings I'm using on a Silvia E version 5 (with insulated boiler):
  15. All I can add is that I decided to take the risk back in January and it arrived pretty quickly and so far so good. My Silvia is in a completely different league now. I went for the BLE (iOS) version but use my Galaxy S8 android phone to control it which has BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy).
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