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  1. How are you getting on with the Speedster?
  2. My vote goes to ronsil for helping me out when purchasing my Vivaldi
  3. xXDaedalusXx


    Same cups we use at work. Really nice to pour into. Also, nice to drink from!
  4. I asked about it at work. The counter resets itself after 9999 on the display. Not sure there is a way to reset it manually.
  5. Yeah, it's is possible. Should be the same as the Robur. I will be at work in about an hour and will find out for you.
  6. Can't wait to see the results. I too have been wondering when a 53mm VST basket will come along. Although, comparing the La Spaz basket to a few other standard baskets with the naked eye they do look like they are made better. On a standard Brasilia and Synesso basket I could easily see imperfections but couldn't see any on the Vivaldis basket
  7. The coffee will be too course. Your best off going by weight. I'm presuming its pre ground?
  8. Check out some of the Seattle Coffee Gear videos on YouTube.
  9. Haha. How is the Major? Yeah, definitely drop by sometime.
  10. This is still for sale for anyone that is interested
  11. The coffee used is Square Mile. We had the Sweet Shop on but have ran out and gone back to Red Brick.
  12. Cheers guys. Some of the equipment used is: Synesso Cyncra, Mazzer Robur E, Anfim Super Caimano, Mahlkonig Tanzania. The Synesso is a beast! Makes the FB80's steam power seem like a Gaggia classic! Haha
  13. Thanks Glenn. I was in there all the time now I'm on the other side of the bar! Thanks Andy
  14. Thought I would share my exciting news with everyone here. As of Wednesday this week I now work at Laynes Espresso on New Station Street in Leeds. This is where I have always wanted to work and its taken a while but I'm finally there!
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