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  1. I would look elswhere, I'd rather hunt for an used Versalab than get this one new. What kind of coffee do you drink? Milk based drinks? What machine do you have? What did you have before? What are you looking for? So i can chime in and give you my opinion.
  2. It should usually have the inverse effect.
  3. Please note, this compass doesn’t: – work for espresso.
  4. White is the new black and people not realizing it. It look great with the wooden handles.
  5. Just grease the lever at the point of contact and also the button, it will run like new Great starter kit!
  6. webdoc

    Mahlkonig k30 shell

    Could I buy this redneck flat?
  7. Even the latest k30 will jam, not sure about e65 but why forking so much for it when k30 is very similar and at less than half the price, used of course. There are ways to make it single dosed but I did not like the taste it delivers, which is the main purpose of it. I advise you to try whatever you want to purchase first, there are a lot of forum members with all kinds of grinders and very eager to help.
  8. lol they wouldn't give me a discount for 3kg of coffee 😄
  9. I am not sure what could eat grinds inside the chamber...maybe the blades pushing the coffee out was misaligned because if the sweeping the chute did not fix that, that could be the only thing I could think about being the culprit, but the silicone mod should have fixed that. I find it very consistent, it takes no extra shots after grind adjustments. Were you using it single dose or were you relying on the timer while single dosing? I could see it deliver lower yealds, i ve heard it a lot for other grinders but what is a mistery to me is how the Monoliths and the EG, HG grinders that were designed for single dosing, deliver high yealds using the same or close enough burrs as the OEM.
  10. If you don t sweep the chute you will get exactly what you boys described. 2-3-5g grams less. The auger/blades don’t hold barely anything. Thats why the Robur E or doser is a great home grinder but only single dosed and swept like I showed you earlier.
  11. Having a hopper fills the chamber and burrs and chute, by the time you get the new grind out I could see it taking 100g. Single dosing is coffee in - coffee out with 0 retention most of the time. The exchange you are saying involves 0.2g tops because most of the stale coffee (of the 0.9g recorded by me )is oily residue that is sticking inside the chamber, so new coffee in will only graze that. It's silly talk, I just showed you it has near - retention/exchange/whatever you want to call it, single dosed. It is a wonderful grinder very well suited for single dosing, with a few small caveats.
  12. I just thoroughly purged the grinder with an "enema bulb" (Borat's accent) to take all the remaining coffee out as I assembled the grinder a few days ago, so it was clean. I also use knockoffs LW tumbler in two colors and there is a 3g difference between them, thats why it shows less coffee. I would have done it better but I only had one hand free in the process. I could have swept less, but I am a bit obsessive 😀 It took 0.3ish grams on the first run, I say it's pretty great. Here is the link to the video, it was too large to attach it here. Video
  13. I will do that later, for now I tend to agree, I just started comparing Robur to the Niche and strangely, taste-wise, the Niche came out on top today, lighty roasted Ethiopia from the North. Exactly, my teaspoon handle does just that, the brush stuffs some coffee inside. I haven't even polished the chute. For me after a few months of using it, that gap has barely retained any grinds. I am sure used in a comercial enviormennt will hold plenty over time, I just don't think it will for home use. PS: having done that a month ago i was wrong, it was 0.9g. https://imgur.com/a/xRIAgKk
  14. I will bring back this old topic to confirm that single dosing and with the help of a teaspoon’s handle and 2 starts of the grinder I get 0 retention. 3 months in, I took the burrs out and cleaned the chute and i get 0.1-0.2 tops of retention. Brilliant grinder for home use at a fraction of the Monolith and the likes.
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