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  1. There is some minimal cosmetic wear from when i aligned them, nothing that will affect the grind quality. Light makes it look worse. Thats why i took clear pictures of them πŸ™‚
  2. Barely used, 20kg max, bought 6 months ago. Non coated version. Price: 200 pounds
  3. webdoc

    Zacconi Venezia Lever

    You will have problems pulling longer shots, the chamber doesn’t allow much water to run through your coffee. It may have problems with hard to extract coffees.
  4. Pestle way takes A LOT OF TIME, food processor won't make them fine enough, been there...
  5. I've tried grinding almonds through Niche and the burrs would not grab them properly, mabe 1 in 5 got through but they are oily and they stick a lot and probably clog it.
  6. webdoc

    LMLM Taste Test

    Describe what you have and what are you looking for, tastewise, then we can deconstruct further more.
  7. I'm lost. You could get approximately 2 brand new ek's for your asking price & you're willing to pay the difference? It was a joke πŸ˜„
  8. I am willing to pay an appropiate difference for an EK 😍 Thank you both
  9. Howdy I am selling my Dalla Corte Mina, excellent condition, made in 2017, very well taken care of, used at home. It is a very advanced profiling espresso machine capable of doing flow profiling with the use of an app for both iOS and Android. You can find plenty of info on the web about it. It has one entry in service, I sent it to the DallaCorte factory in Italy, a few months ago when they upgraded it with their new DFR system and a periodic maintenance. Wonderful glass panels model. It comes with: - 58mm kit (350 pounds) in a very nice wooden box 58mm naked portafilter (machined perfectly by me, it is not available for purchase anywhere single, double, blind basket 58mm shower plate - 54mm OEM portafilter with screw in double and single spout - 54mm OEM naked portafilter - 54mm double, single, blind basket - 54mm Dalla Corte aluminum tamper - 54.8mm Cafelat Tamper - Dalla Corte tamper pad - Manuals - 4 wonderful custom made Mina and Dalla Corte towels from our wonderful @MildredM - RGB led light system with remote control(a PITA to install!!) - It's original pallet for shipping I live in Bucharest, Romania. I know some of you might be put off by that, perfectly reasonable, but I will do my best to prove I am honest I assume shipping it to the UK wil cost around 200 pounds I would only swap it for an EK43 Price: 5500 pounds
  10. Hi, what about a Dalla Corte Mina?
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