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  1. The black one with the lid is thinner, paint comes off more easily and it is less sturdy and a bit taller, the feel is much nicer on the ones without the lid but the lid one is so useful if you shake the coffee before you arrange it in the basket. I have received a bad one as the inner part did not go through enough to close the tumbler, the seller replaced mine but it took months.
  2. While I thank you for the link, how did you draw the conclusion I was desperate to sell?
  3. Packed and ready for a fresh start 😎
  4. It was obvious to me, there is no GS3 at 2k and probably will never be unless its broken/damaged and even then....
  5. Not a single soul talked about using it in a shop, some of you talk nosense.
  6. Why not let the man speak first
  7. Would you please tell me why is it a downgrade?
  8. It is a 2014 model and no, it does not have the conical valve but having the Strada mod is almost the same thing except the manometer rotates instead of popping up and down, no difference in shot control. One could argue that on the conical valve the wear on the gaskets is lower but using it at home makes no difference.
  9. I will ask about that tomorrow, doubt it though as he is a local dealer. I tried it now, I unplugged it while being on and when you plug it back on, it stays on, so yes, a wifi plug will work. It heats up in 15 minutes. Hell no, it was done professionally at a shop, powder coating is very tricky, I chose the best one I had locally. It is like new, no marks whatsoever.
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