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  1. Refrain from judgements, leave the topic clean, you know better than that. Every detail that was unclear to you, was clearly stated before, you are just trolling. Move along
  2. This is a sale topic, are you interested to buy it? Did I mention something about a conical valve upgrade? The difference is not “a lot” and we could have that discussion somewhere else.
  3. You are confusing the two upgrades, I have the Strada Mod, not the conical valve retrofit. No water tank. One could get a new one for 100 ish, I don t need it.
  4. If you liked the Royal, why don't you buy one? It is easily the cheapest of the bunch.
  5. LOL to whoever pays attention to this clown
  6. Dude told us long ago he is done helping/promoting/doing stuff for free. My commons sense is fine and dandy. This is his job, exactly what he did before and will continue to do from now on, until it stops making him money. And yes, you have an attitude, I was wondering why. That's all So by your logic, only using Decent achieves those EY right?
  7. Just common sense and the simple fact that i had the Niche and know what it is capable of and our views are opposed. Why the attitude?
  8. Money grabbing at its best
  9. The black one with the lid is thinner, paint comes off more easily and it is less sturdy and a bit taller, the feel is much nicer on the ones without the lid but the lid one is so useful if you shake the coffee before you arrange it in the basket. I have received a bad one as the inner part did not go through enough to close the tumbler, the seller replaced mine but it took months.
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