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  1. I've been using the PID for a bit now and am generally quite happy with it. Before, I used to flush a bit of water and wait for the boiler to come on and off again. I think that was pretty consistent, but having to time it like that was a bit of a pain. The PID is a lot more fuss-free. After letting it auto tune a couple of times, I've noticed something quite strange: the temperature displayed goes up during a shot. That makes me wonder if the graph from Auber with the correlation between set temperature and average brew temperature won't be way off. I'll just have to experiment more to s
  2. I'm using the second preset from MrShade's list and during the shot I only lose 3C (goes from 95 to 92). After the shot is finished it dips to upper 80s. I don't have the MrShade kit so am afraid I'm not aware of the presets. I don't know if the drop in brewing temperature is likely to be higher or lower than that seen by the PID. JJ
  3. So what you're saying is that having a relatively high level of precision with starting temperature is the most important, as I read it. Your point about the temperature possibly dropping and then recovering is good, I hadn't thought about that. I've finally taken delivery of a PT100 sensor, done the wiring and found out that my cheap eBay PID doesn't work with the sensor. A new PID should arrive tomorrow, I'll let you know how I get on, even though I don't see myself doing any blind tests... JJ
  4. I know it's not what you asked for, but here's an article about adding a PID to a Silvia. I've just finished installing one in my Gaggia Classic, so let me know if you'd like any info on where to get the parts. JJ
  5. Yeah I don't have the tools for that unfortunately. Thanks anyway, it's appreciated. JJ
  6. I wish I could, but the one that came with my 2007 Gaggia Classic doesn't have a normal handle with a thread. It was held on with a screw that broke when I tried to remove it. JJ
  7. I'm looking for a 58mm portafilter with a two-way spout for my Gaggia Classic, as I've broken the handle on the one that came with it. As far as I understand, pretty much any 58mm will do, I'm not fussed about the angle when it's locked in. Wooden handle would be nice, or at least one that I could later change. JJ
  8. Yes, I do hope they clean it thoroughly before steaming milk with it. Afterwards, Rick Stein goes 'and it didn't even taste of coffee', he seems to have got the wrong end of the stick... JJ
  9. I saw this last night on Rick Stein's Spain, which made me think of this thread. Apologies for the awful quality and recording a video of a screen. I've uploaded the video with Google Photos. JJ
  10. James Hoffmann has just release a video about espresso tonic. JJ
  11. To be honest, I wonder sometimes if reducing the temperature drop throughout the shot might not be more important than to have the same start temperature within 1 degree every time. As far as I understand, that's how E61 machines work; the starting temperature isn't ridiculously accurate, but it's not gonna change during the shot. I often see people online saying that they have to change the temperature in their more temperature stable machines my several degrees before being and to detect a difference in the taste. Your posts about how to aim for a consistent average temperature and emph
  12. Hi, yes I have read it and just reread it. I'm in the process of installing a Rex C100 myself (still waiting on a PT100 sensor to arrive) so have no personal experience with it as of yet. I look forward to installing and experimenting it hopefully next week and will definitely be using your thread as a reference. JJ
  13. Oh that's way better, wish they would do the same with mine. JJ
  14. So it does. Well even for £60 I'd say it's worth it. The only annoyance with it is that setting a low temperature takes a lot of clicking, because you can't hold down the button and have it scroll through numbers, if that makes sense. The shaking lid, which causes a fair amount of steam, has only started recently. I have moved with it a lot and had it sent in a moving box, to be fair. The adjustable temperature always ends up a few degrees higher than what you set (according to itself anyway), but you quickly learn to adjust for that. Being able to heat to any temperature quickly becomes
  15. Some people claim that aggressive PID parameters can reduce the temperature drop during the shot, see this post on Reddit. This guide to installing a Rex C100 in the Classic also lists some parameters. From what I've understood, the aggressive parameters have the effect that it will take it longer to stabilise at the set temperature, which increases recovery time between shots. JJ
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