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  1. Thanks for the info NewboyUK. I think the seal is an 8mm. I have bought a new shower plate and 8mm seal from Happy Donkey. I will see how I go. I am surprised that Fracino changed the design of the shower plate - is there much chatter about this?
  2. Hi, a bit of help advice would be appreciated. I have a Classico that is 3 years old now and well loved. I replaced the Shower gasket a year ago (and also the heating element which failed). I waited patiently for the gasket to settle and allow the portafilter to move to the 6 o'clock position. It never has and always feels too tight with a couple of explosive mishaps along the way as the portafilter 'pops' out. Today I though best buy a new shower head and gasket but as I look most seem to be attached by a screw. Has the design changed as mine is held by the gasket. Im now thinking that my gasket is the wrong type hence the tightness of the portafilter.
  3. Enjoy, I got mine from Andy last weekend.
  4. Isn't there a difference in the group head?
  5. Isn't there a thread suggesting the marzocco 17g basket is the 'best buy'?
  6. So, my impressions after 4 days is wow, great machine. I can froth milk, no problem, in a the smallish Motta jug without sending milk up the side of the super shiny side panels. The wife says the coffee tastes better than ever, I agree. All very easy to get used to. Impressed.
  7. So I have made the jump. One big shiny Classico warming up right now in the kitchen. I hope to have it under control soon and making acceptable shots. Big thank you to Andy at The Coffee Bean for sorting me out with the machine for a great price.
  8. I regret there is no cafe that does great coffee in the Peak. However there are many great cafés in the Peak that I love and would heartily recommend. A special commendation for High Nelly's Cafe in Tideswell for their bacon and egg oatcakes.
  9. So the Silvia and Macap haven't missed a beat delivering an average of 4 shots a day, some times with steamed milk sometimes without, and to me, a very good reliable shot. It was a birthday present 8 years ago, so not a young pup anymore. It has been looked after to within an inch of its life with filtered water and endless polishing. A plug incase it goes on sale, but also very true. At the moment I am very close to buying a Fracino Classico from Andy at Coffee Bean; a lot of fast talking to persuade the wife was required. I like the idea of an R58, but, do I need a twin boiler? The Giotto looks great but will it deliver a better shot for all the extra money? I like the reliable reputation of the Fracino and after sales service. As someone on the forum pointed out - 'you can ring them up and speak to the designer, try that with Rancilio' - made me laugh. Any other thoughts appreciated before I make the jump.
  10. Hello everyone, I am posting here in the introduce yourself section as this is my first post in a very long time. I joined some 5 years ago, and have been happily making my coffee with a Rancilio Silvia and Macap grinder since then. I get may beans from Has Bean and all is good. Except. I think its time for a new machine: Help!!
  11. I liked it when I went. But I did notice some slight miss match of equipment (era) on the bikes hanging on the wall. Can't remember what it was now; but I let it go as the coffee was good
  12. I've just ground a 250g bag of coffee at home and taken it around to their's; cleaned the milk wand, polished the drip tray and knocked out 4 espressos and 2 flat whites. Nice machine, doesn't take long to get the feel for it. I need a bit more practise on the milk frothing, they have a different shaped jug to me, and the steamer is on the opposite side to my Silvia. The arse is that I will have to keep driving over to make my coffee or, alternatively i can be grateful to have my own Silvia and stop coveting my mates espresso. Do like that rotary pump action though, I did I say how shiny it is?
  13. So, I go to my friends birthday get together last night with my wife to find a very shinny Rocket giotto evoluzione sat proud on their work top. I was beyond consolation with grief and jealousy. Now, "man up" I hear you say, "good for them, work harder and get your own, and stop complaining" which would be a fair point. But, whilst my friends wife does enjoy coffee, and has used it every morning, this is what is bothering me: there was no descent ground coffee in the house, a very cheep grinder which cannot produce 'proper' grinds and the milk wand had burnt on milk all over it from yesterday. I reaffirm my feelings - it's not fair.
  14. I've been trying my best for the last 3 years to create a consistent rosetta and still consider myself inept at the very best.
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