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  1. .... launch a last price offered at £ 2000 excluding shipping costs; in fact I estimated that the initial price was too high despite the machine being a few weeks
  2. Paolo Cortese sells ex demo machines wrapped carbon look here at 2650 £ ( around 3000 euro ) new incluse ship my Vesuvius has a few weeks of life, the announcement is at a negotiable price, if someone is interested the price is still negotiable ;
  3. Hello everyone, cause transfer work I sell my fantastic ACS Vesuvius limited edition machine, unique with different steam wand and matte black wrap, with some week of life; I can ship to Europe quietly as it is the 220 Volts version; price is around 3000 euro, shipping incluse and payment with bank transfer .. thank you everyone ; I apologize to the moderator of the site for having changed the discussion several times but I am new to the site;
  4. I ll buy From Paolo Cortese , holder of vesuvius, should be in the forum !!
  5. yeah ; thank you so much MildredM , I follow you with pleasure and I also love your set up so much; today first day with Vesuvius but it already works from God !!
  6. HI everyone , I am writing from Italy ; I am glad to be part of the forum and this is my world :
  7. hello everyone:o, I introduce myself in the club, for it is a pleasure ; I am writing from Italy; this is my setting even if soon I will buy an espresso machine :
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