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  1. Oh, it’s back. Thanks. I thought I was being thick!
  2. The option to report a post has gone?
  3. The picture looks really good. I’ve just joined the group.
  4. Thanks @MildredM. The towels, tamping mat and coasters look fantastic! Also, thank you for sending me a discount code. Very much appreciated.
  5. MildredM can also be contacted on Instagram as mildredmittens and I think offers a discount. I’ve just received a couple of towels and a leather tamping mat. They’re absolutely fantastic. https://instagram.com/mildredmittens?igshid=pd1ylx5z5i04
  6. @Youdaoloo https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/MildredsBarTowels
  7. This has just sold elsewhere. Could a moderator please move to ‘sold’? Ta.
  8. To comply with forum rules, I’m just adding that this will now be advertised elsewhere as well. Cheers, Paul
  9. Hi All, Here goes😬 Well looked after and in excellent condition Synchronika. Bought from new by myself mid-March 2019 and has transferrable Bella Barista warranty until 13/03/21. The machine has original box and all items supplied as purchased. There are just under £100 of extras including matching ECM bottomless portafilter with triple basket, IMS shower screen and 4-hole steam tip. It has been used to make approx. 3 – 4 drinks at the weekend and only and with Ashbeck / Volvic bottled water. It has been regularly back-flushed. I have tried to photograph the best I c
  10. It sounds as though you're in for a fun few weeks!
  11. I normally hook the seal out with a cheap dental pick off Amazon. The screen then comes out easily. It means you may need a new seal, but as they are so cheap and as it doesn't need doing that often, it saves a lot of hassle.
  12. Thanks. Unfortunately, I’m having problems with both of the new machines! Very disappointing but I’m hoping to get sorted tomorrow.
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