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  1. I guess heat up time is only really an issue when I’m back out and about for work. At the moment when I’m working from home I give the Sage a good 15-20 minutes to warm up before pulling a shot. Being able to turn it on from bed does seem attractive though I have seen the Mara X mentioned quite a bit. It’s a HX machine isn’t it? I had initially planned to go down the DB route but I am very much open to options.
  2. Hi all Just after a little advice. I currently have a Sage Barista Express. I recently upgraded to an Oracle but after reading advice on here I didn’t even open the box before deciding against it so the budget is still in place. Budget is around £1200 but there is a little flexibility. I have read an awful lot of the threads and advice on here so thank you all. As part of that reading I have decided on the Niche Zero for the grinder so that’s one part sorted. I am hoping to pick up a used one to avoid the wait but looking more likely that it will have to be a new one and a wait until October. So that leaves me with the machine.. In terms of my drinking habits. I tend to have either one or two milky drinks a day. The first is always first thing in the morning and if I’m away with work this could be quite early so the option of being able to use with a smart plug is attractive if not essential (At the moment I run downstairs as soon as the alarm goes off and let the SBE warm up while I get ready). The water is fairly soft with absolutely no scale build up in any of our water boiling devices. So in terms of where I am. I can currently source a Sage Dual Boiler for £699 brand new. I’m not sure if anything can beat this at the price point. Even the guy from Decent promotes the Sage as a good sub $1000 option (I would love a Decent DE1+ but that’s waaaay out of budget). I have also been drawn to the Lelit Elizabeth. That would be closer to the £1100 mark so quite an additional investment over the Sage. Is it worth the extra £400? I know the RRP of the two machines is close but if I can get the Sage for under £700 should I go for it or is there enough extra benefit in the Lelit to push the boat out for an additional £400?
  3. I did spot this but decided against it due to it being the US model. I was very tempted though but it went in a matter of minutes. Think I’m just going to have to accept that it’s going to be a case of waiting for a new one.
  4. Hi Ally. Would you consider posting if it was paid for by the buyer? Keen but Hereford to Kent is quite the journey I’ve done it for work enough times to know lol.
  5. I don’t think there’s a right or wrong and you have followed the listing rules perfectly My post was purely to draw attention to anyone else who may want to sell theirs lol. I can’t wait until October for a new one
  6. I’ll leave my Niche request in the ‘wanted’ section in the hope that someone has one for sale and spots it They don’t hang around long in the for sale section that’s for sure.
  7. Oh my life this has become a minefield!! The Oracle has arrived but I’ve left it sealed in the box as I may just sell it on at cost as I think my mind has been changed. I saw the Niche Zero on some posts and I think I have fallen in love with it. Thinking of partnering it with either a Sage Dual Boiler or Lelit Elizabeth. However part of my is dying to just save and save and get a Decent DE1+. I come from a Product Design background and I just love the tech side of the machine but it’s a serious amount of money. Im not in a mad rush as I can make do with the Barista Express until I can get the correct machine for me
  8. Hope they drop to this price again. I’ll be all over it if they do
  9. If anyone decides to sell their Niche please can they get in touch. Happy with either a black or white UK model.
  10. For some reason I had it in my head that the grinder was better in the Oracle. I know it’s got a lot more grind settings than the BE but didn’t realise it was the same grinder.
  11. So I’ve had a Barista Express for quite a while now and I managed to get (in my opinion) a very good deal on a new Sage Oracle. I’ve bitten and gone for it but I’m undecided if it’s the best option as an upgrade to my current Sage. It would be great to hear from anyone who has one. It’s not the Touch version and I’ve paid £890 for it so I think the price is good. It’s due to be delivered tomorrow and I have the tracking reference so fingers crossed it’s all fine. My other option is to sell it on and go down a separate grinder / coffee machine route.
  12. Hi all Over the last 12 months or so I’ve dropped onto the forum quite a bit to find out answers. I’ve always used the default 1:3 ratio but recently been experimenting a bit at 1:2 as this seems to be the best starting point. Does anyone else find that they have to grind very fine on the barista express. I’m on grind setting 1 at the moment and 19 in 38 out is taking 22 seconds. The beans are Pact La Laguna (Medium roast) and they were roasted on 9th July. I was under the impression that I should be aiming for 25-30 seconds. I do 4 seconds of pre infusion before letting go of the button and then stopping on about 35g which usually ends up and pretty much exactly 38g In the cup. Is anyone else using the same beans? What are your current settings?
  13. Thank you all for your comments. I’m now wondering if my money would be better spent on a new grinder instead. I may do a bit more research on that area.
  14. Maybe I’m just getting carried away by it being a good price rather than it being an actual upgrade. Maybe a case of saving a bit longer for the Oracle
  15. I currently have the Barista Express but I’m thinking about upgrading to the Barista Touch as I can get it for £550 from Costco with the free gift pack which has some useful extras. Just wondering if people see it as a worthwhile upgrade?
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