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  1. Thank you - very helpful info, appreciated
  2. No, luckily I'm not that daft :-) Full training to come and we have members of staff lined up who have barista experience
  3. thank you...my husband did think a 2 group and a filter machine for making americanos would work....but I was not sure whether customers expect their americanos to come from the espresso machine, not filter coffee?
  4. 2nd attempt to get this to post... We are opening a farm shop and cafe, totally new to making coffee commercially. Looking for advice - how many groups on our machine for 80 cover cafe? We are expecting to be usy at weekends once established so need to cope with keeping up with coffees. Have had conflicting advice from suppliers on whether need a 3 group or whether a 2 group would be sufficient. Looking at La Spaziale S5EK Thanks very much for any advice Emma
  5. Hi, thanks for adding me We are opening a farm shop and cafe, new to making coffee and a bit worried about it all! Have a few questions I will try to post in right place, thanks Emma
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