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  1. each to their own. I am afraid I cannot agree. There is a whole new generation of users coming up behind me (you/us) who live their lives through touch screens, Internet connected devices etc. Ignoring them and their needs is ignoring the future. Haptic feedback and visual/audio/online feedback can be provided in so many interesting ways personally I am not interested in levers, clunky switches etc. It was the one reason I got rid of my E61 group head machine.
  2. It looks fine - i quite like the white LEDs. I showed my wife and she thinks it is cool. You have done a brilliant job, and so long as it continues to make coffee, then i am smiling. I certainly couldn't put up with the faff of E61 maintenance. Excitement here as my new machine is arriving tomorrow....... I passed it on because i thought someone could make better use of it than me, and i was right! It would have been such a waste to scrap it and i hate waste
  3. now you've perfected it, can I buy it back? just joking.... it looks great and looks like it is making great coffee...
  4. Actually I'd say most coffee shops are shite, which is a shame. You seem to have an odd thing against hipsters. Most recently we went on a road trip, stayed in 7 locations in the UK. B&B and hotel coffee is invariably shite, so every morning over 16 days we went for a walk looking for a decent coffee. We found passable coffee in about 4 locations terrible in 2, and excellent in one. We tried multiple outlets, mostly independent. In the one which was good, the barista (and she clearly was), opened a fresh packet of beans (id asked for the special Colombia they had), an
  5. both - we were using coffee shot glasses with a fill line, and we stopped there.
  6. When i like the taste- I don't really think about how it could be better. If I don't like the taste then fiddle with the recipe
  7. 👍 so long as it has low retention, and you can easily adjust the grind without emptying the hopper
  8. yes i agree. I roast my own beans in an old Gene Cafe (un modded) - it roasts coffee i like the taste of i dont need the faff of modding. I got rid of my Isomac Zaffiro because maintenance of the E61 was too much of a faff. I got rid of my Rancilio Rocky as adjusting from coarse to fine was too much faff. I have been using espresso machines since my 20s and i have only just started started weighing beans and the ground dose into Wacaco. But i am beginning to trust the Niche yields in weight, the same amount of ground coffee as you put in.....so i might stop weighing out the ground cof
  9. job done a Lelit Elizabeth shaped gap - same location as all my espresso machines have lived, just the Lelit is wider.
  10. the right hand side is open to the world - so no access issues there. As for on/off on the left, i will be using an internet switch.... but 35cm width (for the lelit alone) should give me ample space to access the on/off
  11. yes - height isnt an issue (have about 50cm) - but i'll chop about 10cm off of a shelf to give me 35 wide
  12. thanks - depth isnt an issue as i have extra worktops where it is going. It is just juggling a shelf to accommodate the width..../height 👍
  13. @MediumRoastSteam @DavecUK Quick question about the Elizabeth - on the BB website the dimensions are given as "38x31x27cms" I assume looking at pictures of the machine these are 38 Wide x 31 High and 27 Deep? or is it 38 high and 31 wide? I will need to adjust one of two shelves and which one depends on the height and width! I checked the manual and it isnt entirely clear as I think they may have retained Italian abbreviations for at least some of what we know as WxHxD TIA
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