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  1. I've drunk a fair bit of your coffee, and yhr only time I felt I needed recipe help, is with you Signature blend which I.just couldn't get dialled in.
  2. gin (left) died aged 13, and tonic on the right, died aged 21. Now 5 year old brothers Ziggy (left) and Marley (right) rule this house
  3. arrived here. Probably be a few days until I open due to a bit of a backlog
  4. not tried that yet, but i really like the Chocolate Point Blend from @BlackCatCoffee better IMO than the Signature Blend - which i am really struggling to dial in on the Niche
  5. i like all roasts - my preference is towards the darker end of the scale.
  6. 25g coffee 4 pours inc bloom of 40g then 3 equal pours up to 500. It is my wife that does it. I check what grind setting on the Niche - i know we went finer as the first few goes were quite under. I am not really getting sweeter notes, but more fruity.
  7. We've really enjoyed this coffee - definitely getting a salty/savoury hit - tropical fruit.... using it for Chemex pourover
  8. opened this morning, made a nice Chemex pour over
  9. what is a high temp in your book. Perhaps you should do some experiments with some milk, a thermometer and a microwave- tell us what temp you want to reach
  10. i just had a quick look at its manual. Operating it, is so different from the Gene-Cafe, i have this feeling i will struggle to get my head round the operation of it.
  11. i really dont know...... i know i was buying green beans from them in 2011, but my emails dont go back any further......
  12. I dunno. When i started roasting - the best bean outlet was Whittards. IIRC i got my green beans from Hasbean initially....but good roasters were few and far between. Hence my years roasting. Nowadays good roasters everywhere, and we roast less and less.....so we always said if the Gene Cafe gave up we'd stop roasting, but I quite like it even with the imprecise Gene-Cafe.......so i dont really know........the Behmor is a nice price..... ATM we have enough beans left for about 6 roasts of 200g maybe a bit more. Then i'll need to make a decision about whether we buy any more beans.....
  13. very .......old than i can remember...... Yesterday we went to roast - and it was throwing E4 errors all over the place, and not producing heat. Last time we got E4 it was producing heat. Took it apart this afternoon, checked the resistance across the heater and the voltage it was getting all ok. Tested the heater with the cover off - nice and hot, fan ok.... Reassembled - did a test roast on 150g of beans to first crack and all is ok....... 🤷‍♂️ who knows whats going on. Still wondering if sensor2 might be dodgy, but they appear to be like hens teeth ATM
  14. damn think the heater has gone now. Looks to be about £75........ should i just give up on it? sell it for spares/repair........
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