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  1. downward : De Longhi € 75Gran Macinino ISOMAC € 120plus shipping costs
  2. now I consider the possibility of selling individually. De Longhi € 90 Gran Macinino ISOMAC € 140 plus shipping costs
  3. I add to the free coffee tamper offer
  4. Lot comprising De Longhi EC680 + Gran Macinino ISOMAC. Used in pairs, they are an excellent base to start producing excellent espresso while keeping the initial cost low. De Longhi EC680: machine with good reviews everywhere as an entry level machine 2 years and a few months of life with many avant-garde features for the category (digital adjustment of tempered water, adjustable timer for delivering the desired quantity of coffee, reminder by signaling of carry out the descaling cycle). I supply it with two filters (1 and 2 cups) to which I removed the pressurization plus a pressurized 1 cup filter. I always used water from an osmotic filter and always carried out regular decalcification cycles. Gran Macinino ISOMAC grinder: as shown in the photos it is in perfect condition except for a few scratches in the bodywork, aesthetically elegant with a polished aluminum lid and small dimensions. I sell at € 200 plus shipping costs from Italy. After one month from the publication of the announcement I take into consideration single sale by treating the price.
  5. I'm sorry but I didn't read. In fact La Pavoni was the best equipment I had (I have it all now but set aside) but later I wanted to return to non-manual machines.
  6. we must consider the price range of the machine. You can't expect to have the moon (a saying of my parts). It has several functions that much more expensive machines do not have (electronic temperature management, programmed extraction dosage, automatic boiler filling after steam use, warning when to decalcify and automatic descaling). I repeat with a few tricks: a non-pressurized filter, a good mix is essential, a maximum temperature adjustment, 15g. for a double (the single will never be good).
  7. It consists in eliminating the bottom of the filter to make it deflect a normal non-pressurized filter. It is an operation that can be done with a dremel and cutting disc very carefully and slowly. There are several tutorials on youtube
  8. I do not know which De Longhi you have but in my EC680 the tamper recommended by me https://amzn.to/2SL7uqG is very good. As documented by the photos the thickness is 12mm and manages to enter for at least 11mm which is more than enough to press the coffee with a minimum of 7gr per dose ( right double dose left single dose ). Some difficulties, as I said before, you have with a single dose but you can still press.
  9. It is true what you say but the problem is more evident for the basket from one. Unfortunately, the one from 50 is almost impossible to find.
  10. my opinion it is indifferent because we always speak of acid even if the origin is different. The important thing is that it is of natural origin and with the right dilution that is always reported in the package
  11. for my EC680 I bought this https://amzn.to/2SL7uqG
  12. I have an EC680 that is practically identical to yours and I must say that some tricks that have suggested you are correct. I have removed the funds for filter pressurization. Then check the temperature at the filter holder outlet (you can buy a digital thermometer with little on Amazon too) a good tamper a good mixture and with a proper grind you will surely get a decent espresso.
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