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  1. I also get this! I think it happened during daytime yesterday also...
  2. lol...was thinking aluminium...how about stainless, that would keep you busy for a few hours or more 😀
  3. Hi @Nicknak do you think you might consider the same fit as 'Tidaka' version, where it sits on-top of the basket rather than inside?
  4. @Gavin I agree with @kennyboy993 Rave have a good selection if you like the medium/dark roasts. I have been on Fudge for a while which is a medium/dark - very tasty but fancied a change! By recommendation from Rave and my taste buds they suggested: Signature (medium/dark) - just started and very tasty chocolate Chatsworth (Dark) Espresso (Dark)
  5. Well I received four 250g bags yesterday from Rave and decided to try out the 'Signature Blend' even though it had only been roasted on 11th. I have been hooked on Fudge for a while but wanted to go for something else. Last time I did this was the Suarez - wasn't for me. I didn't really know how it would come out as not rested but surprised how tasty Excuse the art...not one of my best! Definately a tasty one for me, and 1st shot too 👍
  6. Must admit, zero wastage for me. I have just come to the end of a bag and logged 54 shots (18.2-18.5). Now got 4 different blends to start and won't be wasting coffee on changeover 👍
  7. Might try this on next shot, just out of curiosity 😁 👍
  8. Have been a great lover of the Fudge and tried the Suarez which wasn't to my taste, so I went for a few to try - Fudge is my safety net ...so decisions decisions! I was going to go for oldest but all dated the same 🤣
  9. ...but I enjoy the burning on my eyes 😎
  10. I had one of those grinders (in the loft now), which I used with a Gaggia Baby Twin and a converted silvia wand. I think from memory the grinder never really went fine enough. The coffee was ok but wanted more...So I progressed to the Barista Express. To be honest, if I hadn't then stumbled across this site I would still have it - lovely machine! I got great coffee and textured milk from it...only changed because I caught the bug on something a bit more extravagant
  11. lol...I ordered a mat a well, delivery between June-August, I would have probably ordered another 2 by then with my memory
  12. very nice...especially the pastry 😋
  13. Hi @FaceandEdge I have never tried single shot, I am sure there are a few on here that can help...but if you do go down that route then I would be happy to take the 15g VST off your hands
  14. I thought it was just an extra challenge for us light users lol...I just realised if highlighted then I can read it, a get around for now 👍
  15. Apologies if this has already been covered... Did you buy the BE from new? From my experience with the BE I was always working around 6-8 (with default set at 6) on grind although that can obviously vary from one to another. I did use a push tamper set to same as level tool which gave me consistency on each shot. When I started I tried some older beans and had a complete mess, it really does need fresh beans. Before I sold it on I was on Rave Fudge: Grinder 7 in 18.5g from what I can remember it would take to the far end of the gauge (about 1 o'clock) This gave a few second pre-infusion before ramping up. Gave me 57g out at 27 seconds. The BE does work on higher ratios, I found if I wanted less then I split the dose for a tasty latte. Hope this helps - I would definitely get a fresh bean (from the roaster themselves) and start from about 8 days old, reset grinder to default and try around 7...work from there!
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