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  1. @Gavin Just checked on the Vesuvius which currently sits at 93. I must admit a straight shot is too much for me so all my drinks have milk! I am using a 15g VST (15.1g) with finer grind than I would on an 18g, running pre-infusion followed by 6 bar throughout. I usually aim for just under 30g in 35 seconds. This seems to work perfectly for me 😊
  2. Not sure if this helps but I found I had to grind finer going from 18g down to 15g
  3. Only a few months in so not quite long term but I love what it delivers! How often do you clean it out @kennyboy993 ?
  4. When I am pulling just for myself I use a 15g VST ridgeless. Perfect ratio for my taste.
  5. @Gavin lol I did the same with Fudge, completely overdosed on it but not quite as quick as you. Nice to experiment with different roasts 👍 Will keep a note and try the one from Coffee Compass once i've got through my 2.5kg 😂
  6. I make with a bit of water and powder so quite thick (like a coffee shot) then froth milk as usual and pour as you would a latte. Can then do some nice art if you like 😉
  7. I started using VST ridgeless a month or so ago. My first was an 18g and worked very well but a bit high on yield for my taste. Did a bit of research on the 15g as closer to my ideal 30g out. I found I had to grind finer and run at 6bar with 2bar pre-infusion to get the best results. As long as your preparation is good, the 15g is great - the only one I use now 👍
  8. @Gavin The new site didn't notify of this I did like the Chatswood but Signature is the one for my taste buds at the moment 😊 This is the order to my taste (all from Rave): 1 Signature 2 Fudge 3 Espresso 4 Chatswood Signature is my main daily with a mix around of the above. The great part about single dosing 👍
  9. Hi Alan, I used to have a Sage BE which used to run a higher ratio (I think about 3 to 1) to get the best taste. I used to split across 2 cups which worked well for me. It did run a smaller portafilter diameter so was quite restricted on trying different baskets etc. I have found for me the 15g VST basket gives me a great 2 to 1 but this is based on the vesuvius...not sure on the Sage. Maybe once you are settled in with the new machine, see if you can borrow one and try it 👍
  10. I decided to take the plunge and invest in a 15g VST Ridgeless. My current 18g VST is great but wanted a slightly smaller yield to suit my palette. The first shot was a bit too fast even though I had made the grind finer and along with a dose of 15.3g - ending with 29g in 22s Second - 15.5g - not much different to above Both the above shots were quite good to taste but I think the Vesuvius is quite forgiving! I then tried a search on the forum with pretty poor results, followed by google which led me back to here...which took me to: https://colonnacoffee.com/blogs/maxwell/15g-baskets Third shot: 15.2g>29.5g>31s This was 10s/2br > 30s/6br. I must admit I ended up with a perfect end result 👍 So a quick summary: No real change on dose from 18g basket (scaling down of course) Finer grind on the Niche (10 for me) Extract at 6 Bar 😉👍
  11. A nice dosing funnel arrived today...can't resist gadgets lol Perfect fit
  12. On my first machine it used to bother me about 'time wasted' making a latte until a friend said why look at it as a chore! Now I take my time and enjoy the process, with a little frustration on my art but always look forward to making it 👍
  13. lol...I just had a go! I think I will try again later 🤣
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