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  1. I’ll take The grinder and tumbler at the asking price please, logistics agreed by PM, the world doesn’t need to know the ins and outs of our diary
  2. I'm 110 miles away, don't suppose you ever head up to yorkshire do you?
  3. I'm very interested, where in Cambridgeshire? (it's a big place!)
  4. I’ve made significant headway on similar issues lately, reducing the pressure of the boiler was the most significant step, but not sure if you can do that. The other thing that seems to work is, now, I grind into a small Tupperware, stick a lid on and give it a shake, that seems to ensure it’s all pretty even when I decant it into the basket (VST, that’s made a difference too) One thing which has also improved distribution is the purchase of a rubber tamping mat, now when the basket is in the portafilter, and I tap it in the mat, it settles well to a reasonably flat surface ready for tamping.
  5. One last bump and a reduction before this goes on eBay. £275 collected, from South Yorkshire. I’ve reduced the pressure to 7 bar, and it’s now producing cracking shots, consistently good espresso. I’ve still not used the milk steamer, it’s clean, in great shape and a cracking first machine.
  6. We have hard water here, we’ve in the last year stopped buying bottled sparkling water, and use a Brita jug and soda stream, but it still to me doesn’t taste as good as bottled. But we were using 3 or 4 2 litre bottles a day, that much waste wasn’t on. For my coffee I use Spar brand bottled, which comes in a 5 litre container, I don’t even use one a week, so that doesn’t bother me.
  7. OK, it wasn’t the postie, it was a farmer in a Hilux pulling a trailer, but we’ve got new arrivals. 9 ewes and 18 lambs, black faced Leicester/ Scottish blue faced crosses. They make right racket!
  8. Cheers @igm45 I have been talking to Cambo about this, I’m just crap at making my mind up about stuff :)
  9. Will do, I seasoned it on Monday, and will be using tonight for the first time.
  10. It’s a rebadged La Hacienda from Aldi, a bargain.
  11. Two parcels today, one from the good people @DogandHat, and one from somewhere else. Both very welcome! [URL="https://ibb.co/cxHDHKy"][IMG]https://i.ibb.co/TrSmSDw/7-C29385-F-83-A1-4-CD0-AE05-2602-C16-EDA52.jpg[/IMG][/URL] [URL="https://ibb.co/smB5VL7"][IMG]https://i.ibb.co/LkGQZ4K/37-D11-BEC-A965-4-B94-9-B58-1312-D6286-EC7.jpg[/IMG][/URL]
  12. Joey, you like it comparing to your compak?
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