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  1. That looks just the ticket, thanks. Never tried Crankhouse, that’s on the list to try next.
  2. Just a tin of decent San marzano tomatoes, and some basil, crush the tomatoes, don’t cook them, you’re not making tomato sauce.
  3. Anyone else drinking this at the moment? I’ve been away from home, so been drinking it as a V60 all week and loving it, very pronounced cola flavour. Back home last night so did a few shots with it this morning, still great as a 20/40 espresso.
  4. Got back from holiday today to find mine waiting for me, it’ll probably be next week before I try them, but I’m very much looking forward to it. Thanks Matt
  5. I’ve been biting my tongue for too long, but I’m going to put this thread out of its misery, and save us from someone else quibbling over a tenner. I’ll take it at the asking, which last time I looked was £310 delivered, payment either BT or PP, up to you. Ta!
  6. I’ve never found any treatment or remedy, my mum gets it, and so do I, it can be terrifying, so if you’ve had a diagnosis of vertigo rather than anything more serious then that’s positive.
  7. Everyone else is too polite, or not observant enough. Nespresso pods?
  8. I forgot to put my order in 😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😤
  9. It’s naive and disingenuous to pretend it doesn’t, if someone wants to sound virtuous by saying they had a donation made to a charity in lieu of their fee, and it turns out it’s not a charity it’s a not for profit their family is connected to, then yes, that’s significant.
  10. 1. Planter. 500g Sigri, 250g La Fortuna Light and 250g of whatever your new Roast is going to be, and if made available. 2. , Jimbojohn55 1KG of your new mystery light roast - Ive heard about this coffee , shhhh 3. Fez (500g La Fortuna - Medium roast, 500g Sigri AA) I4. Nicknak 1 kilo of Sigri .. medium please 5. Cooffe - 500g La Fortuna Medium, 500g Mystery light roast (hit me with the jimbojohn) 6. Sparkyx - 1kg Zündfunke, 500g Mystery light roast7. Nick1881 - 500g La Fortuna 8. ronsil - 1 kg Vöcklabrand9. JimmGC51 - 500g La Fortuna Medium, 500g Mystery light roast10. Su (DogandHat) - 500g light roast and subscription samples11. Lake_M (500g Vocklabrand, 500g mystery light roast)12. Joey24dirt 500g Mystery Bus! 13. Jacko112 500g Sigri (light) & 500g mystery light roast 14. Junglebert 500g Sigri and 500g of the magical mystery bean i need to say thanks too Matt, you know what for
  11. The BB beans aren’t aged in the water they’re aged in a building the saltiness can permeate
  12. I never leave home without a Feld2, a plastic V60 and papers, and a tub of beans. Hotel coffee is always shite, work coffee is shite. It’s the only sensible thing to do.
  13. I’ve tried them, huge fan of salt marsh lamb, and we holiday near where they age them, so they seemed worth a (double) shot. Won’t be bothering again.
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