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  1. Me too while you’re at it. Pleeze
  2. That's good to know, thanks for taking the time to post.
  3. I think saying I'm not responding is a bit harsh, you messaged me yesterday, I haven't been on the forum since, but replied before I read this post. there was a misunderstanding regarding when you needed to move it it by, and you did say there was no rush, now it turns out there's a massive rush. It looks a very nice grinder, I'm sad to miss out on it, but my schedule hasn't allowed me to collect it. I'm sure whoever buys it will be very happy with it.
  4. I’m impressed that the grinder can do the job with the kind of motor powered by a 5v battery, I’ve struggled in all my attempts to motorise hand grinders unless I’ve used a proper 14.4 volt drill set up. USB cordless screwdrivers never have the balls.
  5. Manbun needs to stop fiddling and whoever shot it needs some Ritalin.
  6. Very very well. I’ll get a proper post together soon,but I’ve used it a lot, smoked pork shoulders overnight, cooked ribs, pizza, burgers, corn. Used the top shelf as an oven. I love it!
  7. The Mara looks a great machine for the money, and was on my shortlist, I would probably have gone for one, had I not got an ECM Mechanika for a steal.
  8. There are plenty of people on here happy to spend your money for you
  9. Nothing coffee related but postie did bring me my Sound Devices Scorpio, should make work a bit more fun for a while
  10. It is yes, and I love it, the build quality is stunning, and it’s making consistency good shots, it seems to exaggerate my errors much less than my previous machine.
  11. I don’t think I have ‘seriously misquoted you’ I didn’t even quote you, if I may be pedantic. I think at worst, I misunderstood your comment. This is probably the bit I was referring to, I’ve re read it, and my interpretation still seems valid, but it was so long ago, I’m not 100% ’The Stradivari gets quite hot fairly quickly and after 3 or 4 shots, is probably too hot to make decent espresso. In fact I often found the first shot was a little cool, the second and 3rd was just right and the last few were starting to get a bit hot’ Or, as I said, too hot too quickly. The post of mine you quoted was one of my first in here, and at the time I certainly didn’t know who’d written it.
  12. No, it’s still available. @crowlies
  13. Using IOS and safari, if I click on the first page in a multi page thread, it opens fine, if I click on any subsequent pages, it just hangs with a ‘loading’ message at the bottom of the screen.
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