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  1. It looks perfect for those of us who only drink espresso, and knowing ECM the build quality will be exceptional.
  2. Actually, to be 100% clear, the machine is sold, and the grinder is withdrawn, it’ll come in handy one day.
  3. This is now sold to Joe (Fyrewhirl) @MildredM can you move it to sold please.
  4. It’s called Nag Nag Nag, cos it’s got three different nagas in it. It’s terrifyingly hot, and glows!
  5. Sounds disgusting, make it really bad by smoking it in chips from an old whiskey barrel, might as well totally screw up some decent beans if you’re going to do it at all!
  6. I was one of the tardy people. Sorry everyone, sorted now.
  7. After having trashed too many decent watches, I only really wear Sinn now, though I keep nearly buying a Damasko. This is today’s.
  8. I’m sure it’ll all appear on the ACS forum, this place isn’t worthy of such wisdom.
  9. I thought you lived in Cov, please don’t derail this thread any more!
  10. Milk from supermarkets or anywhere that deals in large quantities is the same every time, it’s done in such a large scale there are no variables.
  11. We moved over to a BWT jug from a Brita a couple of moths ago, the difference is amazing, the water tastes better, and makes better drinks.
  12. As far as I know, Bluetooth devices wouldn’t be better than a Phonak, you could spend some time and money chasing something no better have.
  13. I love my ECM Mechanika, the build quality is amazing, it feels like it’ll last forever, and the shots it produces are consistent and good.
  14. I just checked and mine is a Feldgrind too. I think for what you need from a hand grinder it's perfect. I tried it for espresso once, and the results were stunning, but life is too short to hand grind espresso! For the V60 etc though it's a fairly quick and painless process.
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