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  1. You shouldn’t have to click a button to ignore racism, it shouldn’t be there in the first place. It’s not something to opt in or out of.
  2. No one really needs to know anything, questions are a burden to others, answers a prison for oneself.
  3. I doubt it's stale beans, we need a lot more info to give any advice.
  4. Two pairs, one coffee, one not. Some expensive Crafthouse beans as a Christmas treat, and two new microphones, also expensive, but more a necessity than a treat!
  5. Always feel free to message me if you’re doing a group buy, I’ll never not want in.
  6. 1. Cooffe 1KG 2. Joey24dirt 1KG 3. Jimbojohn55 1KG 4. Nicknak 1KG 5. Rob1 1KG 6. johnealey 1Kg Lucky #7. agentb 1Kg 8. MildredM 9. Bacms 1Kg 10. Christos_geo 1kg 11. Scribblez 12. coffeechap 13. Jimbojohn55 1KG 14. catpuccino 1kg 15. Junglebert 1kg not sure how I missed this!
  7. That question might get a better response on a more appropriate sub forum, it'll certainly reach a wider audience.
  8. I can’t answer your technical questions but can confirm that actual sweetness, rather than a perceived lack of bitterness is certainly possible. I have never taken sugar or milk in coffee, so only know the taste of straight shots and yes, actual sweetness is there in a lot of what I drink. I’m not talking chocolatey type sweetness, more fruity, juicy type.
  9. Forums always stumble, and few recover, when the people running them realise they can be monetised, a good community forum, like this was, and like several I’ve been on over the years, is about more than making someone a few quid.
  10. Smashing, I’ll PM you, I’ll need the porta filter handle as well which is a third party one, but it’s all doable I’m sure ?
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