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  1. A nice tamper will follow I think. The ECM one that came with my machine is nice though so need is not urgent. Sleep well buddy. [emoji2]
  2. Well my first birthday gift has been a teeny tiny jug Dailyart Milk Jug Milk Cup Milk Frothing Pitcher, Stainless Steel (6.5oz(200ml)) https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B073LNQTRY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_WCyHCb838RH0E Just big enough for a Cortado. I am loving it. I have been waiting for them to come into stock for months now. [emoji16][emoji106]
  3. Wow. Well done Costa I was going to avoid them in future but now I think I am going to seek out a good example in my locally. [emoji2]
  4. I like the idea of a nice book. I will look out for one. Easy for people to get too. I was thinking maybe a personalised tamper, but have not seen a place that does them. Maybe I could get one engraved. A friend suggested espresso cups. This may be what goes on the top of my list. I quite like the look of those bubble ones. Anybody tried them?
  5. I have a birthday coming up. I have been asked what I would like as gifts from one or two friends. I am trying to think of nice coffee related gifts to suggest to them. Price range £10 to £60 A bag or two of my favourite blend would be nice, but I am wondering if any fellow forum members have had gifts that brought them pleasure that I might not have considered. Any ideas? The Cat
  6. Out of interest what recipe are you using? What dose? What extraction time? What volume of shot?
  7. Made the mistake of going to Costa again. Motorway service station on the M62 Chastened by my disappointing espresso last time, I thought “milk will make it nicer”. So looking at the pretty pictures of cappuccino with latte art I asked for one. Foam about an inch thick, milk with no air in, enough chocolate powder on top to make a cup of cocoa. I managed about two sips. Those pictures on the wall, are they some form of trade descriptions violation? [emoji53]
  8. Hmm nobody? If I do find a place I will let you know. [emoji2]
  9. We are here for a few days. Thousands of shops that sell coffee. Any recommendationsHi ?
  10. I was just thinking that today. My father has a habit of explaining to others of his generation. “ urrg! Espresso, that’s the stuff that is so strong that the spoon stands up in it”. I find an eye roll an a “yes dad” is the only workable response. [emoji851]
  11. Confucious he say "The man who dies with the most gadgets wins"
  12. There is much here for me to try. Maybe I am not stirring enough. I add three heaped spoons of chocolate powder to a glass. Add hot water to make a paste, then add steamed milk. I then stir. The result is gritty, and the bottom of the glass is gummed up and I am not a happy puss. I will experiment using some of the tips you have given
  13. That is a really really nice chocolate.
  14. He everyone Not sure where this should be posted. Hope here is ok. In this cold weather I crave a nice hot chocolate. I make pretty bad hot chocolate. Have looked on YouTube and there seems to not be much on how to make a good one. Do I steam the milk with the chocolate in it? Do I make a paste first? If so with water or with milk? How do I stop the glass getting supper gummed up? Help me please. ANY advice would be welcome. the Forum Cat
  15. Jon, I have just noticed that the ECM Bottomless portafilter is back in Bella Barista. I am tempted to treat myself to one. https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/brands/the-gran-crema-porta-filter-holder-by-ecm.html
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