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  1. Thanks for this. I had a quick look before dinner at going in via the right side but ended up agreeing with you and deciding to remove the boiler. That's probably an after dinner job...
  2. Like all these sorts of maps, that one's a bit out of date & there's problems with updating it. It's a good place to start though. Yeah I've had one or two problems. I don't know why they don't use Google Map's built in ways to crowdsource/edit a map in favour of submitting things for approval 😕 Would be fairly trivial to scrape that map's entry points and create a new one open to be edited by everyone....
  3. http://map.thirdwavewichteln.com/ Generally good I find and if you open it on your phone it'll add the overlay to Google Maps.
  4. Hi, With the help of @DavecUK over on the owners forum we've diagnosed a blocked non-return valve as warm water is returning from the brew boiler into the water tank. Eek. Dave's doing a great job holding the fort over there, so thought I'd move disassembly questions over to here. n . The machines otherwise looking really good, as it came from a small cafe business I hope the water used was relatively safe but as it stood unused for a long period I suspect that'd be time for a buildup anyway. It was also 'gigged' a few times at events, so potential for foreign objects to enter the system that way too. Here's the part I need to get to: What I'm wondering is, if that brass nut is the only thing securing the manifold to the body am I better off trying to get to the valve by removing or moving to one side the plate (right side) that holds the cigar box and various electronics, undoing the nut and trying to manoeuvre the manifold so that I can get access to remove the non-return valve or am I resigned to removing at least the brew boiler (left side) for access? Pic for reference...
  5. Hi John, I'll have a count when I'm home in the next few hours, it's been a while since I took that picture so off the top of my head not confident. Cheers
  6. Absolutely, a Kinu m47 or Commandante etc for example will blow away many cheap-mid budget grinders if using for espresso.
  7. If you're not confident about the shot, taste it before steaming the milk. It's a valuable way to learn and you'll save the waste.
  8. Depends how bad. Agree about waste but ultimately I've a limited caffeine intake per day and I want to enjoy that not suffer through it. When dialling in a new bean there's probably a sinker or two.
  9. These are always good deals. If you're not already on the mailing list make sure to sign up as they post it there first. I always feel underwhelmed by washed Ethiopians but for this price....
  10. Hi Nat, Yes and yes. It's actually still on gumtree, lower price offered here on coffeeforums.
  11. Got mine ta, no stand yet but the V let's me rest it at more it less the right angle anyway.
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