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  1. Aeropress(-es? What's the plural of aeropress 😅) are very robust.
  2. catpuccino


    Came home this this...does it count? Must've been some stuck up the chute 😅
  3. catpuccino


    I definitely chucked out the filter rinse water from my v60 this morning before brewing. Yep. Nothing to see here. Everything's fine.
  4. Excellent timing thanks. One of my favourites.
  5. Quite tidy they look too. Their little tins with the screw cap are nice, not got my hands on one of these yet:
  6. Pour over, quite happy with my cheapo scales for espresso so not after Lunar or Arc, thanks!
  7. It's very course compared to a typical v60 grind. Somewhere between chemex and "french press", e.g. 5 - 6 full turns on a Kinu m47. It's a marmite method, seems to suit some and not others. My 4:6 brews typically end with the last pour drained around 3:45. But we're missing some important info here – what do you mean by doesn't taste good?
  8. Thanks for the update! Bubble wrap is worth its weight in gold 😉 Enjoy!
  9. I've had 6 of you just this morning alone 😅
  10. Oh and I'm using the bleached/white filters from the original factory. I bulk-bought the 40 packs when Hario UK had a discount code, but otherwise use the 2nd factory ones – in practice I don't find much difference (unlike the Holland ones 😬).
  11. This is mine 😎 Not willing to ship to an eBay buyer, but if I can piece together some appropriate packaging I'll list it on the forum and post at buyer's risk. I'll start a new thread later if so.
  12. I'm going to pull the trigger on a Felicita Incline (https://colonnacoffee.com/products/felicita-incline-coffee-scale) on Monday...just posting in here to see if anyone has a similar Felicita or Acaia set (Pearl, Incline or Parallel) they're looking to move on before I do so. Cheers
  13. There's a lot in here about pourover technique that you're likely learn more easily from just doing it over time than trying to read from other people's experiences. You've already got the best advice there is – adjust for taste, not time. I treat time as a guide rail for when first dialling in a new bean, but beyond that it's all about taste. Have you tried using the brewed coffee compass? I have my Niche marked in the same way. I've two beans on the go, one I am using the 4:6 method and the other a more typical single pour/Rao-style pour. For the 4:6, I am set to 38 on the second marker (180 degrees around, like yours). For the single pour/Rao, I am at 44 on the first marker.
  14. Payment received, it's on the way 👍
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