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  1. Nope, UKCPM. A pirate by any other name is just as ____.
  2. Ah you beat me to it @Gerrard Burrard. Had a batch brew of this today. Nice, I generally avoid cinnamon notes which really sings in this one so if you're into that I think it's well worth a go. I'd say it's very similar to Assembly's Costa Rican offering at the moment: https://assemblycoffee.co.uk/products/costa-rica-cordillera-del-fuego
  3. If people want to join and there are no roasters on your doorstep then a next-best sounds good to me, e.g. have delivered from somewhere nearby or just a favourite bean from a favourite roaster. Interpret it loosely
  4. Well I cracked these open today, 8 days off roast. Really very enjoyable and clear from opening the bag this was going to be up my street. I'm at 18 VST > 40, in ~28s 12.75 on the Niche. Pulled a couple shots to dial in. As espresso the smell of cherry is really powerful. Added ~100ml of hot water and the orange really opened up, reminds me of a very strong (almost artificial?) orange flavour that I had in some Origin Ethiopian beans a few months back. Was hoping for more of a bakewell tart flavour as a milk drink but it seemed to get lost in a flat white. Certain with some more tinkering this'll be very nice both black and white.
  5. Been a long time since I've used one of those but if I recall they come apart very easily, both the shaft and the whole assembly can be removed from the metal pipe. There's also this: https://s3.amazonaws.com/wll-documents/Gaggia/Classic/ALL_MODELS_Pannarello_No_Froth_Fix.pdf In terms of prevention, with a panarello you really have to take it apart and clean it after every use. Unlike a traditional steam arm, purging it is not enough as milk can remain and dry up in any number of places. Puly Caff do a special steam wand cleaning product, but I don't think there any need if you're cleaning it properly.
  6. Never seen that before, looks great. I was being glib when I said Reddit's idea, but specifically r/espresso are doing one this year which is what I saw.
  7. That's 3 of us. Who else is up for it? 🎁
  8. Bloody heck Do let us know how the toroid is. I posted the deal but didn't buy one...tempted though.
  9. Unless you're in Scotland 😉 I'll duck out of this thread, it's already being well serviced and never wise to identify yourself in public as a lawyer . One day when I've regained my sense of humour about it i'll tell you all the story of the Catpuccino v. UKCPM and the case of determined doctoral candidate with too much free time.
  10. I use this offer a lot. The final value fee is £1 as long as the item sells within 30 days of listing. There are a couple of caveats but they're fairly clear in the T&C. The offer window which is typically Friday to Monday is just the period within which the seller has to list or schedule to start the listing.
  11. @DavecUK weren't you playing with tightvac recently?
  12. I saw this idea on Reddit and thought it would be good to steal. Would anyone be interested in joining a "bean exchange"? Many of us live near to roasters and/or many of us have favourite roasters. The idea is to be paired at random with another forum member and send each other 1 x 250g of our choosing. Ideally something that showcases what's happening in your area (e.g. in my case I might chose to send something from one of Edinburgh's roasters) or just a favourite roaster, origin, etc that you think someone else would like to experience. Seems a fun thing to do, and a way to pick up a bag of coffee we might not otherwise do. If we can support some small businesses along the way, even better. My simple proposal for how it would work is: Comment below between now and Sunday December 15th 8pm saying you're in I'll randomly pair members after that date Paired members can then PM each other to exchange postal details to keep things nice and private Maximum spend of ~ 1 x 250g bag + p&p Aim for all bags to be delivered by the end of December The only caveat I'd suggest is that for it to be worthwhile I'd hope to get minimum 8-10 people involved?
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