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    Well, this is intellectually dishonest at best. Perhaps you've genuinely misunderstood what @Mrboots2u was saying. Also, being generous, I'll suggest perhaps you've missed events such as mixed race politicians being compared to coffee blends and dark roasts.
  2. Acaia ran a wildly succesful crowdfunding campaign for a set of scales with novel capabilities and have subsequently brought several others to market with good reliability and good customer service. They set the direction for enthusiast and commercial coffee scales. Felicia took what Acaia did, and copied it. So, buy your Rolex or buy your Rolex homage.
  3. Nothing publically exposed but you can reverse engineer both, I don't know of an example for Felicita though I think I'm right in saving it's a rip right down to naming conventions. Plenty of repos that showcase people having done it, it's messy and prone to breaking changes but e.g.: https://pakoquijano.github.io/Acaia_Scale_Web/
  4. I think they look great, especially with the £xtra wooden adornments – but no interest in owning one, for reasons that have been said.
  5. Most of the controversial threads on here can be put down to people who seem to delight into paraphrasing Daily Mail headlines into essays while at the same time claiming others are spoon fed news by the "main stream media", without the slightest sign of seeing the irony in doing so. In general people tend to have more time for those whose ideas haven't cascaded from the latest headline they've read. My biggest objection is that they're just redundant.
  6. Some of Redbanks offerings have been very good recently.
  7. catpuccino


    Agreed, sourness + sweetness of milk together is awful. Reminds me of a time as a child I "accidently" put Ribena into milk to try it. I did not make that mistake again.
  8. catpuccino


    Absolutely yes. I see comments to the contrary here often enough and I've never understood it. Perhaps it's a pallet tuning thing if you don't drink many milk drinks, but if you can't taste the difference between a say natural Brazilian, natural Ethiopian and a washed Rwandan bean in a typical milk drink (say 170ml) you're doing something wrong. A few specialty roaster-cafes around Edinburgh deliberately rotate their own SOs for milk based drinks. Some also keep one SO or blend running at the same time for those who want the consistency.
  9. Aaaand it's back: https://www.hasbean.co.uk/products/ethiopia-ana-sora-n
  10. @MildredM is that this one? https://www.hasbean.co.uk/products/costa-rica-finca-licho-yellow-honey-villa-sarchi Was commenting that this sounded like it'd make a killer flat white to someone the other day...
  11. Eesh, goodness grief. Hopefully they weren't using it and it's from being improperly stored.
  12. Yes, awful don't get me wrong. Just remarking that one of the reasons a mailing list server might be still holding your email is, ironically, a privacy protective measure to prevent subscriber abuse where you're simply opted-in again weeks down the line (think we've all experienced that!). Unsubscribing from a mailing list is not the same as asking for your data to be deleted from processors/sub-processors I'm afraid. My understanding is that Substack and Revue compete in the same market, possible that James moved the list at some point (in which case he'd be able to do so without opt-in from existing subscribers). All a bit murky. I want to see some data flow diagrams 🤓
  13. I've not read about this breach but from what you've described they could had retained a legitimate purpose for processing your personal data/email address precisely because you unsubscribed. Mailing list providers will often put into place measures to stop list authors from resubscribing people who have previous unsubscribed (this isn't always malicious, can happen easily by mistake when uploading exported contact lists etc). So, you may have come in via James' list (therein JH as controller/joint-controllership), but the breach in this case coming from Substack's backend with a different controller relationship.
  14. I drink straight when dialling in, and then most of them are used to make a small flat white. I much prefer black coffee to be filtered, and for me part of the joy of home espresso is getting to have those "cafe quality" (heh) drinks with properly textured milk. My split is 75% v60, 25% espresso based.
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