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  1. One day I'll even it out....
  2. Just curious, is there any way to convert to the E37SD puffer thing?
  3. Yup, also bit more expensive but I've been enjoying cartwheels misspent youth blend the last couple weeks, £21 delivered and makes a very nice base for milk.
  4. You'll end up spending more figuring out how to pull a single in all probability. Get your basic method and technique down using a double basket, then experiment with singles.
  5. My only reservation would be if the warranty remains valid. If you're not concerned about that, I'd strongly consider looking at second hand options. I'd guess a good condition e37s should be about £500. They're solid and serviceable machines, so second hand well worth the saving imo.
  6. Was looking at ordering this, don't suppose you've tried it as espresso/with milk?
  7. My anxiety spiked just thinking about this.
  8. Mhmm, I feel like this is often understated for beginners. I used to fuss if I pulled 2 shots and one took 27s and another took 30s...on the one hand if your shots are very inconsistent it pays to take a closer look at your shot prep etc but for the most part you shouldn't expect to hit the same time all the time.
  9. Just noticed Minor Figures is £1.79 in Holland and Barrett at the moment. Not tried Bonsoy but seen it on the shelves of a few specialty places, so must be doing something right.
  10. catpuccino


    They are. No high street presence anymore but come across them now and again, e.g. Edinburgh Coffee Festival last year.
  11. They are, that's how I got mine a while back. cc @MrShades.
  12. It's the same thing (barista is on the carton branding). Also try minor figures.
  13. catpuccino


    Not had their Myanmar but 2/3 others from them, recommend giving them a try for sure.
  14. Closer to what the 75E has sitting on top of the burrs, which worked very well for a grinder not designed for single dosing at all.
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