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  1. Suitable for with milk or without?
  2. Happy with my Aerspeed. Did a fantastic job with an ethiopian gesha coffee on v60 these past few days, that's by no means a definitive answer to whether or not it's the best choice but sufffice to say I'm very happy with how it performs. Very plesant in the hand while grinding too.
  3. And free shipping over £10. The email was great.
  4. I've heard excellent things about Calendar but have never tried them myself. Noticed a few roasters offering a similar % of sales to their partner cafes, iicommon/common coffee spring to mind along with some like Obadiah which are selling their wholesale offerings with a percentage going to the cafe they were working wiht (e.g. Obadiah and The Milkman in Edinburgh with this Tanzania natural: https://obadiahcoffee.com/coffee/ushindi).
  5. Nice. The Motta tool has the same problem (worse in fact because it's shorter), I always wondered what I had lying around that would have improved it.
  6. I can see how the lever would help with your wrist problems, so if that's the main reason to try something new then go for it – I bet you could find these cheap second hand. In terms of consistency and qulity of tamp, I'd hazard a guess that something like the Force Tamper, Decent Tamper v2 (the one with the edge that sits on the basket like the Force Tamper) or maybe even a PUSH tamper would give you a better result.
  7. catpuccino

    Indy Coffee Box

    Strong choices in that box, and I like the indy guides.
  8. That's not my experience, no. If I put 18g in, I get between 17.95 and 18g out reliability, certainly never up to 1g. Stop knocking grinds out of the chute though, there'll always be a buildup in and around there just like the rest of the nooks and crannies of the grinder. Old grounds will settle there and actually reduce the retention for doses that follow. .. Reminds me....I need to order that NFC disk.
  9. catpuccino

    Colonna coffee

    Hmm not that I'd seen, perhaps if you asked. They've put these up as "new" options at any rate.
  10. catpuccino

    Colonna coffee

    Just adding to this thread to save creating another, Colonna now sell their Foundation and Discovery offerings in 1kg bags at £35/kg inc. https://colonnacoffee.com/collections/volume Consistently excellent, their 'Rare' selection is also often a real treat.
  11. Right you are, skimread the post. Though if the only problem is knocking out the grounds, I have had no problems with that using the IMS.
  12. I have an IMS "the single", can't remember what size at the moment (they come in 7g up to about 10.5g), fits a standard 58-58.5 tamper. https://www.theespressoshop.co.uk/SearchResults.aspx?Search=ims+the+single
  13. Why? I'm very pro-freeze (vac pac).
  14. 2 weeks is a common resting time for espresso, these will still be great don't worry. Not tried V18 myself but hope the work out well for you.
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