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  1. I was going to say the the levers slip on older models but you've mentioned you have that covered – if you can rule out other variables in technique give Baratza an email – their support is very responsive and they'll usually go to considerable lengths to help you debug even if well out of warranty (just don't say it's got a Mahlkonig badge 🤪).
  2. Had to be done. But you've really caused some damage to my efforts to talk myself into buying one at usual pricing.
  3. Not tried it myself but on the topic of pronounced cola flavours I'm enjoying this at the moment: https://www.crankhousecoffee.co.uk/products/bale-mountain
  4. I really do like the look of some of the Sage machines. They're definitely designed to look like appliances instead of the usual espresso machine styling, but ya know sometimes I don't care 🤷‍♂️ The Sage Bambino always catches my eye.
  5. Another happy @scots_flyer customer. Very kind of you to swing by today to drop them off.
  6. Yeah it took me moving from a Mignon to the Niche to realise this, the micrometric adjustment thing isn't all it's sold to be.
  7. I must've had my 3mm in the 2.5mm place then because I tried it before posting 😅 need a nice labelled set like that
  8. This is my feeling. LIke @jeebsy I've had good experiences with them too (not just buying, but returns and faulty swaps) and while I see your point @aris 1) that it does seem unlikely, I'd only say that's true if you happen to have had your first line customer service enquiry dealt with someone who actually knows what to look for beyond what the website description might suggest...and that's not often the case. I buy a lot of vintage mechanical watch parts and pieces – if I had a penny for every time something was honestly misdescribed because they're specialty items that are hard to identity.... Also 2) might be practical, but my point was along the lines of what @DavecUK described...going straight via PayPal puts a combative stance on things, especially when you start using words like fraud. At the end of the day you bought something but didn't receive it so there's nothing complicated about the issue. Doubtless this will be resolved in your favour
  9. For the benefit of others...was there a problem you solved? Or was it that you were leaving the brew switch on?
  10. It's certainly fair of you to rely on the email re whether they're SSP or not, and their response on PayPal is shitty*, but from experience I feel like this fell apart when you jumped straight to raising a claim with PayPal. Did you email back and explain why they're not SSP and as such would be entitled to return them? Carelessness, ignorance and mistakes are allowed, and it could be that's why you were told they were SSP instead of an attempt to mislead you. In all likelihood you were entitled to return them even without the misdescription...that's true as a matter of law if you were within the EU and I suspect as much even though you appear to have had them delivered to a US address. As a general rule, give the vendor a chance to put things right – particularly when dealing with an otherwise reputable company – before jumping to using dispute resolution practices like PayPal offer which we know are often abused by less honest folk than yourself. * yes – this is where they should have simply highlighted the return option
  11. Aha! In that case I'll happily take 4 x 6oz inker light blue please. Sure we can arrange collection between us if you want to drop me a PM
  12. Used some time this morning to try a few scales down brews with this method (21/350g), unfortunately a few rough brews as it's a dramatic grind size adjustment for me coming from using 4:6 on my current coffee...need a couple more runs to make any conclusions. One thing I did do already was the swirl during the bloom, I've found that very effective and less troublesome than excavating with a spoon.
  13. That reminds me of something from common coffee's website....who incidentally are the LSOL roaster for August! Sure there are many questions without good answers with respect to eco-friendly packaging, to say nothing of building in a return system like you describe...I really was just curious about who's shipping in "alternate" packaging more so than why or suggesting more should do it. Partly just curious about packaging, roasters seem to "hack" packaging to differentiate retail bags (e.g. Craft House add boxes, some rely on colours or overt labelling, some others add bits of cardboard etc)...tibs, tubs, bottles etc stand out on a shelf, curious to see what's out there.
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