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  1. Oh, many replies! I have no problem with this, I see the issue and the need to be clear when expressing intent, but irrespective of my own reply I think it would be uncharitable to say @stassinari wasn't looking to signal they wanted to accept the seller's terms. To be clear - I believed the item to be sold when I replied. Happy DE1ing everyone.
  2. If sale falls through I'll take at asking price.
  3. @TomR I think most of the resale data for Decent machines is locked away in the Diaspora so having access to that you may have a better idea than us on the outside. You're right about availability and demand. Are Decent/John happy to transfer the warranty and grant access to the Diaspora for resold machines?
  4. We don't have to agree but there's no point posting if we're just going to be glib about it. So, as is tradition: This is my last word mateY.
  5. It’s difficult to engage with false analogies and straw man. It’s a reasonable thing that sensible minds can disagree on, but the ‘whataboutism’ doesn’t add anything. For my part I’m not saying it shouldn’t happen, but that it should be discouraged. The price of Niche Zeros is being squeezed due to supply and people, mostly by a few select few on eBay, seeking to take advantage. I’d simply say that the forum doesn’t need to take part in that, and should (as is very common in enthusiast communities) gently encourage trading that suits community dynamics and not market dynamics.
  6. I'm delighted to hear the debate is over! Close one.
  7. As long as they don't donate any of the sale it's fine with me. But seriously – If you target an enthusiast community to exploit the scarcity of a product in order to make a profit, that's dealing in bad faith. It's the kind of thing forum trading guidelines often discourage. Good thing we have sponsor gifs to distract us from this actual legitimate issue.
  8. I'm a little burned myself as had a milestone in mind in the near future when I wanted to order one. I like the way Decent does business, so it's with regret I say that I don't find not being able to manage a 3x order increase in 12 months particularly encouraging or that it's fair to say it's particularly unexpected, given the rise in enthusiast home brewing over the last year and the increased attention Decent have recieved as a unique value proposition (mainly driven by the home market which is now locked out!). I am suprised the company hasn't been able to build in more resiliance, pe
  9. Well precisely, and it displaces the burdon to declare it at the "correct" ($500....) value from Decent onto us too. 'Yes officer it's a high end espresso machine I crossed the seas to purchase...it is worth....£350 only sirs.'
  10. Will they ship a 220V machine to a US address though I wonder. Also I see why that's appealing, but by the time we're considering trafficking a machine into the UK ourselves because of the price disparity then it's fair to say something's inequitable...
  11. I see, that makes some sense and I think I have seen those discussed. That should be more transparent though, if it is the case. Also, I'm not sure I should be subsidising the ordinary costs of running a globally targetted business more so than someone in the USA. If the local service centre is involved in machine repair etc, then it is part of the overall health and development of the business, it's not a niche service to fewer customers in a lesser market. Some markup maybe fine, but £600+ per machine. That's a significant percentage of the overall cost. Thanks. Yes it
  12. I am a little confused by this, it hadn't quite registered with me until now, but as someone constantly window shopping for a DE1+ it is relevant. The machine cost for a 220V v.14 DE1+ is $2,999. Landed costs to the US bring that somewhere closer to $3,200. If I change that to delivery to the United Kingdom, though we of course incur some taxes on the $500 declared value...the pre-tax cost of the machine changes to £2,829. I understand differences in shipping cost and differences on taxes paid in advance during checkout. I do not understand why the pre-tax machine cost for shipp
  13. I had 500g of this from Colonna a little while back, it's absolutely delicious. Brewed the first half as V60 the the rest with Stagg X. Definitely a spicy kick in the finish. I think the Colonna tasting notes were quince, fig and [a spice i can't remember].
  14. Welcome to the V-club. Admit it, it's bigger than you thought!
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