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  1. I perhaps approach it from a different angle. I aggresively block adverts and behavioural targetting. At the same time I recognise that it's a primary source of income for smaller creators. Defining who/what exactly deserves support and whether I get a good value out of it is a difficult question, but for a while now I've been finding other ways to make sure I contribute to keeping the content I like alive. I like James, I appreciate the spirit with which he's building a community around coffee, I like how he's approaching democratising some of the knowledge that puts a wall between people and
  2. I am. I would say it's very active (albeit still quite new). Several hundred on the Discord server now., varying levels of participation.
  3. I have one, let me double check condition etc when I am home shortly.
  4. Look, I'll be up front and say I'm having a rough go of it at the moment so I'm higher strung than usual and perhaps predisposed to a little backchat. I'd also say that in a year where, collectively, we've all reevaluated what's important in life I'm sure we can all agree this is very low on that register. That said, if you're going to so aggresively avoid answering a plainly asked question – the context for which is well known to you and others, and was asked in ernest and was quite obviously going to be asked at some point then there really was no need to post at all.
  5. Well this is very insightful thank you @mmmatron. Given all that's come before, looks like we're done here folks. There's nothing wrong with acquiring or running a forum as a business, but there's a fine line that must be tread else you innevitably encounter tension from the fact that business is sustained by user generated content with, hopefully, good will and communality. These things have failed on all counts, and are worsened by the inattention from admins whose irreverence borders on hostility. Lately I've been hanging out in Hoffman's Discord server (accesible with a nominal
  6. This is my routine too, with a caveat as I've posted elsewhere that for more developed roasts I don't think (under my conditions, e.g. typically long and slow shots) the Niche benefits much from WDT.
  7. I'd only experienced cheap hand grinders until a year or so ago. Then I got a Kinu m47 (classic), the difference was astounding.
  8. If this isn't a Ugandan natural I'm going to be very surprised. Sweet, almost dark cherry strawberry ice cream. Some ferment/funk, but not alcoholic. Reminds me of something from Django earlier in the year. Imo this isn't an Ethiopian but I see why that'd be a good guess. Think if it's not a Ugandan then I agree with @M3Tz, fits the profile of a Costa Rican natural nicely though not sure if that's a bias because the other coffee I'm drinking right now is a CR natural.... Edit: It's in the typical CR grind size range for me too...hmmm... Sticking with Ugandan.
  9. I think that may well be the case, I sometimes see pictures of damage around the magnet like @Inspector shows whereas mine (black) shows no sign of start nor anything like it. I do have some pitting around the grinds cup but that's from the sharp edge of the cup hitting against the paint, I imagine that'd happen no matter the paint.
  10. Yes this is a nuisnace and over time it does leave a mark. I had always intended to put a little square of clear sticky back plastic there to prevent damage.
  11. Had some procrastination free time today, shared a short one on my instagram story: Edit: Video seems to be broken hmm..
  12. That's not the right company: https://www.steampunkcoffee.co.uk/
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