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  1. The template would be fantastic to give me an idea what i am looking at. I have already looked at prices and costs and making notes where i can. I was an assistant manager with a certain fast food giant so i have an idea of to expect
  2. Can anyone help me with the laws of running/owning a coffee shop? Thanks Simon
  3. Hi, my name is Simon and i am from Stoke on Trent, i have a lovely 5 year old daughter Kloe and i love Stoke City FC, other than that i am ether at work or in the pub The reszon for me on here is i am after advice on setting up my own coffee shop, i am currently reserching so i can put together a business plan and make it work. I am looking at the location of Trentham Gardens Shopping Village. So if you are in the area, when i have opened please come and give us a visit. Thanks Simon
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