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  1. My Pro is fine, it's over 20 years old so I don't know whether it's in its original position but is yours? Maybe yours took a knock which bent it inwards. If you complained about the 3 hole steam nozzle I'd have more sympathy but that too can be fixed but not for free.
  2. I guess I just need to get over the desire for an Elektra based on it's looks - it really is no more than that. La Pav is the brunette, Elektra is the blond. I'm very, very happy with my Pro. I could do the temp water/steam update to the group but I rarely make more than two cups at a time so there's little need.
  3. I've had a pre-mill La Pavoni Pro for a several months now and am really enjoying it - it's staying in my household for sure. I'm getting the bug and my thoughts have turned to the Elektra Micro Casa S1C - the chrome version as it seems the most durable and I like the all chrome look. Has anyone here gone from a La Pav to Micro Casa? With the La Pav I get great results by carefully monitoring temperature (along with other ceremonies!). The videos I've seen for the Elektra don't show people monitoring temp, it this because the machine manages temp well? I believe I would be fascinated to have the option to use a La Pav and Elektra, am I likely to be thrilled or otherwise if I do this?
  4. Have you guys using oil on the wood removed the feet and top cover? The feet I'm sure simply unbolt but the main cover - if I undo the hex bolt will it be a pain to re-assemble? I'm wondering whether it holds some thing like a bobbin to reel in the mains cable or it is simply bolted into the metal chassis?
  5. I suppose I'm in a target market for the Niche too. I use a La Pavoni for a few shots per week 2 at a time. For everyday coffee I use a Neopolitan flip or Bialetti. Either way I don't need loads of grinding per day. Due to the La Pavoni I need a decent grinder, my Lido ET is great but too fiddly or is that too manual for daily use. I certainly don't want a big grinder with hopper in our kitchen. I can't justify a hopper full of beans either.
  6. I'm off the fence at last - I've just ordered a white Zero. The Indiegogo ordering page was a nightmare to complete, it doesn't take the browser's autofill text and it struggled to calculate shipping but I got there after 4 attempts.
  7. Do you want to see a pic while he's having a fag? Definitely I'm using the UK meaning..
  8. The serious issue I have is that I can't decide on black or white...
  9. Whatever the agenda in play from dev I have to say the Niche appeals because of it's simplicity and lack of electronics. I can't speak as an owner as I plan to order when their next batch is available.
  10. The BG seems aimed at a totally different market, are you saying it's perfect at everything? This is what I read about the Forte BG "The Baratza Forté BG is designed for coarse brew methods with a commercial setting in mind"
  11. I'm interested in the Niche. I have a lever machine (La Pav), quite a recent purchase and I'm getting great results even after a few weeks. I have studied the process so I'm pretty much 90%+ of the way there with it. I currently use a Lido E T. The Niche is of interest mainly from a labour saving point off view - I want single dose and low retention too (hence the Niche). I'm looking for advice on whether the grind from the Niche will simply equal or better my Lido E T. I've no issue with the Lido E T grind so I want to work out whether £500 spent on the Niche will simply make my life easier or will it improve my shots?
  12. Blending before or after roasting.... I'd not thought of that. :storm:
  13. Thanks for all the really friendly and useful advice! I plan to enjoy this journey...
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