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  1. I can't see how the ratio would make a difference as to why I'm seeing channeling with one type of gasket but not the other? I'm using a 1:2 ratio, so 18g in = 36g out. Same as I've been using with the standard gasket. Same goes for the tamp pressure. Not exactly sure on the exact amount but I'm tamping the exact same way as I always have..and the results are consistently the same. Channeling with silicone, no channeling without. I've done probably 30-40 shots with the silicone gaskets in total so it's not like it just spontaneously happened. Same spot, every time...crazy weird. (and yes, everything has been cleaned a number of times...both cafeza, burshed, taken apart etc).
  2. So for the sake of science, I decided to test this again. I recently ordered another silicone gasket, different vendor, different maker. Mounted it in place this morning and tried again...same results. Channeling independently of what basket I used. I have an 18g ims with exactly 18g of coffee and a 22g with 19g just for the sake of testing. Channeling in the exact same spot on both shots but different placement of the channeling than with the initial silicone gasket...? I'm starting to wonder if the group head is uneven or something. Interestingly enough, switching back to a black standard gasket solved the issue just like last time.
  3. I tried both different doses and baskets...didn't make any change. Ultimately the change back to a standard gasket did the trick for me
  4. If I cared about it being complicated, I wouldn't have done it now would I? This is a fun project, made because I enjoy doing it..not because I care if it's complicated or not. And yes, I'm well aware of the existing products, that's not the point...the point is doing it yourself, because you can.
  5. I'll be using a small touchscreen where you can set the brew time directly and then the arduino times everything.
  6. That's the sweet part..no modification needed in the machine. You glue the hal-sensor on the solenoid with some double sided tape or whatever, and as soon as you switch the brewing on, it starts to count =) A hal-sensor triggers on magnetism. So you run a wire down to the solenoid, plug in the power (right now it's usb-powered but will be optimised to use batteries down the line) and you're done.
  7. Yes! The second part is adding a machine control functionality..ergo, set the time, and the brewing stops after that set time.
  8. So, I had a friend help me over the weekend in making an automated shot timer. Basically it's an arduino controller that uses a hal-sensor to measure the on/off of the solenoid and then starts counting up. Once the solenoid is shut off, it stops and holds the time until next shot (unless you cycle the power) Here's a short video on the prototype we're working on. https://imgur.com/a/rMH7bUw
  9. Measured water out the brew head after 30 ish mins in a styrofoam box
  10. Interesting! I'll try that. Thank you for your advice!
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