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  1. Just registered after lurking for years. I currently have a broken Delonghi Prima Donna S Deluxe (currently broken ) and often feel quilty about my Gaggia classic sitting in the shed longing to be used again ( also broken ). Big fan of flat whites and love all things coffee related. Hope everyone has a healthy and good coffee filled 2019. CM
  2. Hi, happy new year fellow coffee lovers. Ive been a fan of the site for a while now but need some advice please. The problem is my beloved prima Donna ECAM 26.455M has finally stopped working. I regularly descale and clean but about a 6 months ago the milk frother stopped working, it seemed to be through a lack of steam/pressure but i just continued to use the steam wand. The wand did spit and steam on occasion when a espresso was being made but i just put up with it. Unfortunately it recently stopped even producing steam and has now got the empty circuit error code. Is it a fix
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