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  1. Thanks John, I’ll have another look tonight, I did look at that label multiple times and couldn’t see it. To be fair I was looking for a separate white label as per the image on the sage website help section.
  2. Where should it be located? Attempting to register the warranty, and maybe I'm going daft in old age but I searched the machine and can't seem to find the white sticker shown in Sage's help page. Wouldn't surprise me if they intentionally make it difficult to find....
  3. Mine just arrived today, when assembling the water filter doesn’t seem to fit properly in the tank. When you push it down onto the connection, it seems to come into contact with the side of the tank before it’s all the way down. It then isn’t able to sit upright in the tank. Is that expected and just a poor design? It’s just the filter that came provided in the box.
  4. Northxsouth are sold out by the looks of it.
  5. Hi, happy new year to you too. That’s an amazing price, based on AO’s current price it would need to be 45% off for that now.
  6. I did check on price spy but it seems those couple of sites selling for less than £300 are out of stock. I’m also happy to wait and buy from somewhere that’s fairly easy to return in case there are any issues.
  7. Thanks guys, quite surprised to see the price fluctuate so much on these, thats a pretty hefty saving which I could put towards the grinder. I'm in no rush, I've been hovering around here long enough to happy to hold off and see if they come down again.
  8. I've been hovering the forums for a while, getting information on where to start to get into making coffee at home and have decided to go for the Sage DTP (and eventually separate grinder). However looking at the current prices it seems the cheapest it can be bought for is around £314 (Go Electrical) with most of the well known places like John Lewis being £328 and Lakeland being much more expensive at £380. However I spotted this thread on HUKD where Lakeland were price matching other retailers at £229 from only a couple of months ago: https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/sage-duo-temp-pro-price-match-lakeland-3year-guarantee-229-3122204 Has the price of these suddenly gone up by 30%, am I looking in the wrong place or should I hold off for the price to come back down? Seems strange that Lakeland would do it for £229 when their normal price is £380, quite a difference.
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