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  1. Another update. I've tried the Jampit Hit and it really breaks through the milk quite well. It's quite sweet, with some chocolate notes and spice (not overbearing) coming through. I really love some bright notes at the end of my coffee, but unfortunately this doesn't do it for me. The hunt continues... (Hodson from Ozone Coffee is what I'm after, but cheaper. ?)
  2. I agree, and to add to that, having your coffee taste awful is part of the journey. Once you know what your awful coffee tastes like, and how to correct it, you will become a better home barista! To prevent running out of coffee, it's about knowing your rate of consumption and ordering at the appropriate time, or find a subscription service.
  3. I’ve tried Brighton lanes for a flat white but it’s a bit too acidic. Tusker is good once it has matured for about 2 weeks after roasting, but I like some bright notes towards the end. I’m hoping jampit hit is what does it for me.
  4. Afternoon all, please can I have the code too? I’ve tried the Brighton lanes (too acidic for my taste and doesn’t do well in milk drinks IMO) and the Tusker blend (intense but quite nice once it matures after roasting). I’m keen to try a few more from CC.
  5. Any view of whether you still plan on producing the XL mod? I’m definitely keen.
  6. I have upgraded to the specialita from a hario skerton pro and I can definitely taste the difference in my coffee and I taste flavours that I couldn’t before. The grind adjuster is the only aspect of the grinder that I despise given that it does well for single dosing. I have however learnt that my fresh beans normally start at 2.5 and decrease to 1.5 as they age over a 2 week period. I also keep my time setting constant and can tell if the grind setting is either too fine or coarse based on how much enters the portafilter. I normally make a micro adjustment each day as the beans age to keep the brew ratio of 1:2 consistent.
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