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  1. And don't forget a little bit for scales, tamper, some decent milk jugs etc. If you don't already have them that is
  2. I like them, but haven't had anything amazing. Their branch that used to be on the top floor of Harvey nicks was amazing though!
  3. Personally I would try and use/test as many machines/grinders as possible. I know the LR may look like it needs a lot of interaction but it doesn't Where about are you based? Maybe you can make a trip to Bella barista or a forum member or two may be generous enough to help you out if you're really stuck between two machines
  4. The L-R is not a manual machine, it's a spring lever so results are wonderfully consistent. Also it's temp stable so no need to do cooling flushes
  5. Fez

    V60 Recipes

    I gave up on that brewista as I got the 8 cup version and making 1 cup in there with a massive chemex filter just didn't work. So I ordered a v60 a couple of days later 😂
  6. Fez

    V60 Recipes

    You're right - I think a something that further adds to the problem is that I've never made more than 1 cup in a day, in fact it's usually spread out as in 2-3 cups a week at most. Maybe I should pull the plug on my espresso machine this weekend and just stick to the v60
  7. This is the coolest thing I've seen in a while. What an awesome little dude 👍
  8. Fez

    V60 Recipes

    I've only started experimenting with a v60 recently and have had extremely mixed results with no consistency and no amazing cups. They've either been ok or bad. It doesn't help much that I've changed beans a few times and keep trying other methods. Will give this one a go tomorrow morning and report back as it seems to be the easiest one I've come across so far
  9. What's this place turning into 🤦‍♂️
  10. I think p30 pro is the best choice for photo/video right now. S10 would be my second choice
  11. I think companies that have already brought products to market are generally a much safer option. For example I backed the new Ooni pizza oven and I don't have any doubts that they'll deliver
  12. @coffeechap had a nice one for sale - not sure if it sold though
  13. If you decide on North star - park here
  14. Episode one may be walking distance depending on which side of the uni she is staying on. Parking won't be a problem at North Star - the road that loops around the royal armouries has a fair amount of free parking and doesn't get too busy on weekends as it's a little bit out of the city centre.
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