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  1. It's now a star if you've responded in that thread instead of circle
  2. That's a mistake. Postage is costly, you should buy 2
  3. @Jony one day we'll live in a world where everyone has an airscape!
  4. Londinium button tamper
  5. Yes agreed. Also when a user joined the forum should be brought back
  6. This would be the first thing I suggest you add to your routine @Edlockwood You could also even use a single chopstick or anything else you wish to give the grinds a nice even stir.
  7. Did you remove the top burr, clean both burrs thoroughly and then recalibrate? As per this video -
  8. Please let us know how you find them
  9. [quote name='MildredM']Squidgy gaskets and a shiny new shower screen :) [IMG]https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20190517/7b98af27ba8f42849422496d64c260f4.jpg[/IMG][/QUOTE] I've wanted to try silicon for a while now. Which ones did you go for @MildredM
  10. Just signed up :) Looking forward to it @DogandHat What day of the month does the subscription usually ship? Or does it vary?
  11. Thanks. I think I'll give it a miss
  12. @Mrboots2u how did you find the barrel aged coffee?
  13. This!! Hahaha. OP you will find a more than capable machine in your budget,however just be warned that if you keep visiting this forum you may find the "need" to upgrade a lot sooner than necessary
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