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  1. Nice! Will start looking out for one. I love that it folds up, makes storage much easier
  2. Oh nice!! I've wanted one of these for a long time now
  3. Maybe it's because you've nailed the open crumb and I haven't - there's more bread to get stuck to each other 😂 Maybe the baking paper is over the top - I'll do a test run with 2 slices next time
  4. Same here. Usually slice 12-24 hours after baking and then freeze single slices with baking paper in between. Then straight from the freezer into the toaster
  5. Fez


    Ah yes if planning on cooking other things in it at a later date then go for the Pro and buy the gas attachment. Wood fired sourdough bagels should be on the top of your list of things to try once you get the wedding out of the way
  6. Fez


    I have the Karu which like the pro can be used with wood/coal or gas - just smaller. I have to be honest, the wood novelty has worn off. I really cannot tell the difference at all in terms of taste. - 60 seconds is hardly enough time for the pizza to take on flavour from wood IMO. Where I can tell the difference is how much easier it is to maintain temps and have a nice clean burn going when making multiple pizzas. Personally I don't think 60 pizzas is manageable on an Ooni on wood. So if using gas the Koda 16 is a better bet IMO
  7. Probably explains why I can seldom make out tasting notes too 😂
  8. I didn't order this last time and regretted it so I've placed an order this time round. I've never cupped coffee before so looking forward to it!
  9. Have you considered just using a smart plug? It will then open up the options to any machine within your budget Initially I was hesitant too, waiting an hour for the machine to warm up. But with a little planning I have only once in 18 months been caught out. And even then it was nothing some flushes couldn't fix
  10. Fez

    Londinium LR24

    I agree. If its so insulting to you, then even without the logo you shouldn't be buying one as everyone else has one with the logo. I understand, you are patriotic, proudly British. But it's just a logo, it's clearly a design element. I'm sure Reiss isn't sitting at home laughing his head off thinking Londinium is more important than england 😂
  11. Fez

    Londinium LR24

    Wow Mark, you really are moody 🤣
  12. My local homesense just got a huge range of zwilling knives in. Twin chef and twin Pollux range almost every single knife from bread to pairing. Have a look if you have one local to you. Got a £55 bread knife for £20
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