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  1. I guess it's similar to "this is the shit" or "that's sick bro" 😂
  2. Go to Bella barista and see the machines in person. Pull some shots. Speak to their staff. It'll make the decision much easier.
  3. I feel like it should be a length of time and a number of posts. For example 10 posts and 1 month. As a member of a watch forum TZ, I can tell you for certain that gets rid of people who are not genuine. Their rule is 50 posts and 3 months iirc. Also a moderator looks at your post, just saying replying Hi to multiple introduction threads isn't tolerated
  4. How do you open the cupboard? Was hoping no one would notice that. Let's call it a slight over sight on my part! Although it opens enough to for me to use it as storage for bags of beans
  5. If you're referring to your workshop, that's not a fair comparison. This is my living room haha
  6. I tried that but pretty sure any more force and I'll break it
  7. Also the postie didnt bring this, but I picked up a lovely desk for Londinium to live on. Please excuse the mess in the background
  8. Now you've had time to put these to the test how are they working out? Are you still pleased with them, have you noticed anything you might want to change if you could? Marks out of ten for usability, functionality, and anything else you thinks counts. Thanks My scales turned up today. They're definitely more accurate than the Amir scales I was using..however I've noticed that the scale is a bit skew, a bit hard to capture in a picture.the gap between the top of the scales and the buttons(where the cutout is) is far smaller on the left than the right. Are yours like this too @joey24dirt ?
  9. That didn't take long! You've made a good choice
  10. I've never dealt with them personally but from what I've read on here I would avoid them. You should buy from Bella barista as their customer service is excellent
  11. About an 18% saving on new. Seems like a good deal to me
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