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  1. Yup that's exactly where I went it's also by far the most convenient for me in terms of parking.
  2. 1. Planter. 500g Sigri, 250g La Fortuna Light and 250g of whatever your new Roast is going to be, and if made available. 2. , Jimbojohn55 1KG of your new mystery light roast - Ive heard about this coffee , shhhh 3. Fez (500g La Fortuna - Medium roast, 500g Sigri AA)
  3. I also planned it terribly, completely ran out of beans yesterday morning. Luckily there are some decent options in Leeds
  4. Yeah I'm sure it was "before" 😂
  5. Cool we seems like we can wrap this up. Pm me your details @cambosheff
  6. I'm happy to offer £20 + postage for the espazzola + 2 membranes if you're wanting to sell the other 2 seperately? @cambosheff
  7. Dog and hat have been great for me so far. But it's £17 for 2 bags, so that's £2 more than imm. To me it's worth it, I've had some great coffees from roasters I'd never heard of thanks to their sub
  8. TP link has been fantastic so far. App is great too
  9. With the use of a smart plug my machine doesn't really stay on for prolonged periods. Switches on an hour before I wake up. So on a weekday morning it's on for about 2 hours max. Then switches on again an hour before I come home from work. Weekends I tend to leave it on from the morning to mid afternoon as I'm usually home and dont know when I'll want a cup. Also in a rush you can get the Londinium up to temp with a few spaced flushes of water you can get it hot in under 20 mins I don't have any first hand experience with the other machines listed but you've gotta ask yourself, there must be a reason everyone keeps banging on about the Londinium
  10. There you go @Cooffe
  11. After catching up on a few threads I see you're not alone!
  12. You had me for a second with your profile pic! Had to do a double take haha
  13. Fez

    Mark Holmes

    You shouldn't be drinking coffee from Costa anyway 😛
  14. The only 2 L-Rs I've seen for sale here are because the owners wanted the new one with the digital PI. You may be waiting a long time for another used one to pop up
  15. I need to know what that little thing is!
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