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  1. I am after a bit of advice, after having the Sage Oracle (and really liking it for over a year) I am now thinking about a slow upgrade path staring with a grinder. It makes great coffee but I am thinking I could use a grinder for an aeropress etc and then maybe upgrade the machine itself in a year or so and I would already have a grinder I am familiar with. Any thoughts? I could probably go up to about £500 Chris
  2. Have you actually measured the temperature of the water though? I took 2 back as the water was nowhere near the reported temp. I got the non touvh oracle instead. It's been great.
  3. Got this today from the lovely people at Coffeelink Ipswich. Its Ethiopian Guji and is amazing. Works really well as an Espresso but also really interesting as a flat white - sweet but also spicy and rich. My new fav! I ordered half a kilo and have ended up with a kilo by mistake, not for free I should add! Happy mistake!
  4. I have just bought some of this - it really is outstanding. Similar to cherry cherry by Coffee compass but not quite as sweet. Took a few shots to dial in and needs quite a coarse grind but de lush! I have walked past coffee link at Ipswich station for years but didn't realise they supplied and roasted beans - in fact I had a really disappointing coffee in there once and have never been back! I'll be going back much more now!!!
  5. I have a 3 month old Oracle and have yet to descale it. Other members here have mentioned Puly descaler - could someone place a link to the correct one to buy? Is this OK to use - would hate to bugger it up! When I registered the Oracle I was told I would get a set of 3 filters but I am still waiting! Where can these be bought ? Is there a cheaper than sage version ? Thanks in advance. Chris
  6. I really like Cherry cherry from Coffee Compass - one of my favourite beans. Really sweet.
  7. Glenn, how do you store and use so many at once? My coffee today is Cherry cherry from Coffee Compass (possibly my most fav yet) but I don't ever open more than one at a time (I am a newbie) I would love to know how to open and store more than one at a time. Apologies if this is not the right place to ask.
  8. I have tried very hard to find the above info. I have explored many buttons but can't find out how to do this. Please advise!
  9. Hi I have had (and returned) 2 Barista touches in the last 6 weeks. Both were brewing way below anywhere near 93 degrees. I took the first one back (luckily I bought from John Lewis) and then I found exactly the same problem with the second. Coffees which were supposed to be full of fruity flavour were just bitter - just brewed to cold. So I got a replacement and surprise surprise it was exactly the same. I have now got an Oracle and it brews exactly at 93 - I know this as the temp coming out is consistently 90/89. I had a sage engineer who came out before I took the touch back and he agreed that it was not hot enough - he replaced the heater device but it was exactly the same. He thought it must be a circuit board error or something. Anyway, it was at this point I thought - Nah this ain't right- so I took back the second touch and got an Oracle. I miss the tamping but the espresso shots are soooo much more flavourful. Hope this helps.
  10. My Oracle fairly consistently doses 22g. Should I be getting 44g out? GerryM above says aim for 40g? I thought the best idea was begin at 2:1 so if its dosing at 22g I should aim for 44g of coffee out? I am a newbie so any advice greatly received.
  11. I've had mine for a month and find that the single dose doesn't work quite as well. I play with the grind setting and do 2 or 3 shots. So I start in the middle at 25 and then go higher and lower and see which shot comes out nearest 1:2. It really depends on the coffee and the age of the coffee. I have been trying Rave - signature and Fudge and both need very different settings to gove 22g - 44g The double shot doses at 22g which means you get through beans quickly but I like the consistency of not having to tamp!
  12. Have you checked the temperature of the espresso coming out or tried testing the temperature of the water without the portafilter? I bought one recently and it was only brewing at 55 C so I took it back and the other machine was exactly the same - so I bought an Oracle instead and now no more bitter espresso. Hope this helps.
  13. I think I need medical assistance. I have had a Sage Oracle for 2 weeks (it cost me £1150) and already Im thinking.....hmmm theres not a whole lot of technical ability needed here - what else should I look too! I did originally buy a sage barista touch but took 2 back as the temp of the espresso was barely 55 C - so decided on the oracle albeit an older model and it was another £350! But - it's a dual boiler. Obviously, I can't now afford to buy much else (that would be madness) but I can't help feeling that I have made a bit of an error with this machine. I just received my first lot of Rave beans today and OMG they are amazing - roasted 2 days ago and the taste is unlike anything I have ever had indoors. So actually it makes good coffee. I could technically take it back to John Lewis but its a huge box! Not sure about that as an option - it is an easy to use machine. Is this a normal coffee journey or am I abnormally obsessing about not being able to dose and tamp? I need the forums collective wisdom and coffee experience. Have I bought the wrong machine? What would be a good upgrade option/s. Thanks
  14. Thanks. Have just ordered the acme ones as they are selling off old stock!
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