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  1. After a a few months of ownership I'm wondering if anyone has experimented with the temperature. I've kept mine at 93 also but have only used light roasts so far.
  2. No, its ongoing. BB are sending and engineer to take a look. When you take off the sides its all fine but as soon as it all goes back on its horrific - also I've noticed that when it fills the water tank its very noisy too. I'll keep you posted.
  3. Im struggling to be honest. Its a very clumpy grinder and I cant seem to get a consistent shot. I cant really see how it can be the Synchronika but I am a bit disappointed. If I go coarser the clumps go but the shot is too fast. I'm thinking of buying some cheap supermarlet ground to see if I can get a consistent shot. I try so hard to do exactly the same every time, some days I think Ive got it sussed then the next morning the same shot comes out in about 15 seconds and I feel really p off.
  4. I didnt know that! Thanks, up to now Ive just been moving the dial whilst its not moving.
  5. Thank you, I appreciate that. I do feel I am chasing my tail a bit. Just when I think I've nailed a shot for a particular bean the next shot goes tits up!
  6. I am finding it very hard to dial in but I am not sure if its because i've got so much to control now! I am struggling to get a consistent shot as I keep doing it differently everytime! I wish I could settle on a workflow!! I'd be really interested to see what others do actually. Looks good in the kitchen though!!
  7. No, I did check for wing nuts.
  8. Looking for some advice re my new Synchronika. i have had it 2 weeks now and am finding the brewing really noisy. I only noticed after watching a Rinaldo video on you tube commenting how quiet it was. I thought `mines not at all quiet` Now I'm wondering if theres something wrong with it. I've attached a video which I did to work out how to stop the spurts. Would really appreciate you thoughts.
  9. Thanks, yes just took it off and had to clean it with lighter fluid to get all the gunk off! Top advice (again)😀
  10. So, gone from this......to this (the mignon came 1 day before the Synchronika and bloody hell what a learning curve. Started with a delonghi Magnifica and thought I was the living embodiment of the bloke from Whole latte love! Then went to the sage oracle (via the touch which was terrible) and was always slightly disappointed because although it made really good coffee I didn't have much to do in the process. Now....i'm completely out of my depth but am gradually coming up for air and am really enjoying the coffee journey. Already buggered my scales by covering them with hot water se
  11. Yes, I really am with you with this comment. I started out with a delonghi bean to cup and now I think (and everyone else agrees) that I've lost control!!! Now i'm stiring coffee grounds in the basket with a toothpick!!!!
  12. Yes as @Dallah says, I'd be really interested to hear what they said. When I phoned and spoke to David at BB he said the XL would be a `game changer`and was really impressed with it and by this time I was so far down the grinder rabbit hole i was happy to be guided!!!
  13. Went on ebay in 2 mins for £700 so thank you to all those that left helpful comments, really appreciate it.
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