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  1. Thanks Dave, looks like they have pretty much everything. Appreciate your help! 👍
  2. Hi everyone, I wonder if anyone can help? I've had my Lelit PL042TEMD for probably 9 months. I have taken apart the group head and cleaned it up a couple of times but last time had to replace a screw thankfully managed to find the size but the centre screw is an odd size. Does anyone know of a company that have the spares in the UK everything I turn up is Australia or Italy only? On a side not of that can anyone recommend a cleaning kit for the grinder and to de scale the system. Thanks in advance Alex
  3. Will keep my eyes peeled looks like some bargains on there
  4. All sold out now just tried to order one.
  5. Alexw

    Lelit Anita

    Hi everyone, I am struggling to find any reviews or general feedback on this machine. Just wandering if anyone has any experience or reviews for it? Much appreciated Alex
  6. Thanks for the welcome guys. Open for recommendations on what I should be buying
  7. Hi All, So 12 months ago someone kindly bought me an Also special espresso machine. It's not dead yet surprisingly and I have mainly used it to make a shot for ice coffee. I now want to explore more types. I now want to but something decent and start to enjoy my coffee properly. I am booked on an espresso course to help me too I was looking at the lelit Anita with a built in grinder but wanted to seek some feedback/alternatives from people. So I have a budget of 500-800 for a grinder and coffee machine. I have read the majority of the stickies in the newbie sections but thought I would reach out for help. Cheers Alex
  8. Hi everyone, I have only enjoyed the wonders of coffee for 18 months but have quickly become fascinated with different techniques, types etc. I am generally an ice coffee drinker or espresso. I currently use V60 and some Cold brew methods. Next up is to start to learn how to do a good home espresso. I am looking to buy a good home espresso machine and grinder so will be after some advice and asking lots of questions. Will be looking at spending 500-800 ideally. Cheers Alex
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