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  1. It'll take some adjustment. But change isn't inherently bad, eh?
  2. I'm surprisingly happy with my Sage. Easy to clean and appealing to look at. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sage-BES100GBUK-Knock-Coffee-Grind/dp/B00I69XEXM/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=sage+knock+box&qid=1557173180&s=gateway&sr=8-1
  3. Look for recently-roasted... you'll probably want to tip the majority of the shelf onto the floor to grab at the bags in the back!
  4. Wemo smart plugs are well-liked. Nice and easy to control and schedule in.
  5. The problem you'll find is that Lavazza beans will grind and extract very differently than freshly-roasted, high quality beans. If Lavazza beans work for you, however, nothing wrong with that -- you can stick with it. I'm confident once you try nicer stuff, you'll find it hard to go back, however!
  6. Anytime mate. I ended up not needing it in the end, so I'll pretend I brought it especially for you.
  7. Cracker of a day - thanks to those who convinced me to go in the end. Lots of faces and names to remember, lots of memorable kit, and good coffee to boot.
  8. lhavelund


    A little closer to what I want now, I think; ACME (old or new style) - 250mL latte cup Verona large cappucino cup - 250mL Similar OK too -- capacity I'm aiming for is in the 230-260mL range! Anyone have any kicking around?
  9. Might be a silly question, but anything worth bringing along, equipment-wise?
  10. Onwards and upwards! Glad you're moving again, albeit not with your own wheels.
  11. I like the number plate.
  12. Fingers crossed you'll be able to get back on the road. Previous offer stands -- I'm about 30 minutes from Heathrow, so happy to swing by if you find yourself stuck.
  13. Arse. And yes, the road is less than pleasant out that way. What's the plan?
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